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Remax ( Prestige Ocean Properties) now has a new office located in Playa Panama, just before the Grand Papagayo and Ricardo and I plan to move Vargas Tours office there also next month. I’m already there daily operating the Remax office. Beside the Grand Papagayo a new 200 room Westin Hotel is under construction, A new Regent Hotel ( 285 million) breaks ground in a few months, another 4 star hotel (no release on brand yet) behind our office and another new hotel on the point where Costa Blanca is now located. Casa Conde del Mar is adding villas/condos, The Fiesta soon to be Hilton is adding rooms and of course Steve Case’s 850 million dollar project is under construction with a 18 hole golf course and two hotels (Andre Agassi Hotel and a Miraval Hotel)The hotel growth is controled in specific areas and you can still be on a quiet secluded beach within a 15 minute boat ride. Lots of hotel options coming in the near future!
Wow, I can’t believe all the development.Allegro, I know you said big changes were coming when we were down there a year and a half ago, but wow, that Sounds incredible. I guess that’s why prices are going up!! What’s your thoughts about all this development, probably good for your Real Estate career, but is it too much??


Jaco is going high rise but so far here it is three story which is good. The theme is "eco friendly" and not to do what was done in Hawaii and Mexico. The growth has added badly needed services and better shopping for the items we in Canada & US take for granted. The roads will be improved with more taxes being collected from large companies, schools will be improved and unemployment will not exist. We will just have to wait and see how the development is controled and monitored. Time will tell. I can still be on a secluded beach 15 minutes by boat and still have monkeys all around at my home and office. Yes, real estate is good. I don’t think it is too much yet but we will see.

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