blah, our flite time has been delayed!! | Debbie's Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums

so after all the discussions, making up my mind (i’m female lol) our flights are delayed out of toronto by 3 hours. Guess we’ll be booking a room, 8+ hours just a wee bit long for me.Bonus, now for sure we have time to book our massages the morning we leave! ooohhh to come back tanned and relaxed!
Lynnb:If you are definitely going to the Decameron, attend the briefing. If it’s still like the last two times we have been there, you can get a discount on massages (as many as you want) as long as you book and pay for them at the briefing.


great will do. we normally try and attend these, often blurry eyed and a bit fuzzy cause they are so darned early in the mornings! after the arrival nite

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