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Arrival: Dec.15-Dec.29.08 Short Delay at our end at the airport, Sunwing had an o-ring freezing, and it took 2 hrs to unthaw. Some travellers had to wait on the plane, so i would much rather of been in the airport, we were able to walk around. Quick service at the airport in holguin, and right to a waiting bus to transfer to the hotel, supper was waiting after checkin for us, and we started our vacation, we were unable to get adjoining rooms, with our children but we were only one room away on the same floor, so not too bad.


We had emailed ahead and asked to be in the same block of rooms as we were 2 years ago, and they were able to accomodate. It overlooked the grounds and busier area of the hotel. We had a welcome plate of fruit and bottle of rum, for being repeat customers. Had read some of the reviews saying rooms were moldy and dirty, but wasn’t too concerned because we didn’t see this last time as well. Friends stayed in another area of the resort and they had good rooms as well and they were on the bottom floor. They had their main door quit working on them and had to get the maintenance in twice to fix. But no problems.

Restaurants and Bars:

A la Carte were good, Italian and Cuban(steak/lobster was great). Buffet was always different and changed daily, but also had the usual pasta and meat/potatoes for the less adventurous. Breakfast was always good, lots of fruit and pastries, omelettes and meats if you choose. We did notice the bars could of had more staff on, at times we waited a long time for service, but if we got thirsty you just got up and got your own.


Beach was good, reviews said rocky before we went, and yes compared to last trip we noticed more rocks but it depended where you went, and water shoes would be good for those with soft tootsies. The Pool was clean, clear and great. Grounds did get a beating from the hurricane and vegetation was more sparse and smaller than remembered but it is coming around. Always clean and well set out to get to all the activities.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: We went on the catamaran excursion called the blue adventure, it is for snorkelling. Friends went on the catarmaran and dolphin excursion, our kids had already done dolphins in mexico and would rather snorkel so we chose this, $70 and $120 difference. We also did the jeep safari ride, no elephants or zebras but you get to see the real cuban area while riding in jeeps, that you get to drive, our teenagers thought this to be great. First time riding a stick. You see a cuban coconut farm, ride horses see where christopher columbus landed and see some culture, all while having a great time. Our guide, Hulio was hillarious, the group the day before had a snake in there jeep and thats all we heard, so we asked to have the jeep with out the snake when we went, he said they put the snake in the jeep to add flavour to the day, we said well it worked! We also went into Guadalavaca, and visited the markets, you can ride in for 5 peso a person, there and back, or 12 peso for a cab but thats both ways. Entertainment at night was amazing, get involved and have fun. Never in two weeks had a repeated nite.

Other Comments:

Take insect repellent, i did and we still got biten, it is the sand flies, they are very small but if you react to a mosquito bite, be prepared. Worse time they say is early morning, and late evening by the beach, or after a short rain. During the heat of the day you are ok. We always take our own go-cup, (thats an insulated cup/mug of some sort), means less trips to the bar. And if you want you can trade it or give it away at the end of your trip. Those with small children don’t be concerned we saw how the girls who look after the children all day and then have them on stage after supper for a bit of dancing, they go all day, parties, activities, eating, my older children were envious, but kudos to those rec.girls they must of been exhausted at the end of the day. Well done Inushka!

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