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Overall We can honestly say that after reading about all the negative reviews about this good resort,we were stunned to find it was overall very good for ‘Cuban standards’. It deserves it’s four and a half star rating. Rememember the resort is 10 plus years old.however we found our room,the grounds and area very well maintained. A solid Four Stars !!!!!!!!!!

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Seamless,professional. Arrived in the AM and was quickly checked in by the very polite and professional english speaking staff. The bellman was right there to help us move without delay to our building and room block. It was a room bottom level behind the main pool. Quiet area in our opinion.

Rooms: Very suprised! Excellent quality and conditiion. Well maintained,no obvious chip marks or damage. New paint quality. A beautiful lime green very spacious room with ling bed and extra twin bed for our daughter. 15/16 channel color tv,good central air conditioning. Lots of closet space and a big chest for storage. To close the sliding glass door simply use the top leftchain lock. What I liked the most!!! The water in the bathtub/shower WAS ALWAYS HOT,HOT in our two week holiday.Usually a bit of an oddity in Varadero.

Excellent quality sleep for us three. again very impressed at room. One call to service and our battery was quickly replaced when electronic safe did not work.

Restaurants and Bars: This is important !! The TRUTH about the FOOD here !!!!!! First the best for us was the italian a la carte. Good appetizer of soups,etc. Second course of delicious pasta dishes or great homemade thin crust itilian pizza wood oven cooked in four choices and incredible size for each. You do not go hungry. Main course was good. either a medium thin entrecote steak with veggies,grilled chicken or three large grilled shrimp main.Pretty good tirimisu for dessert. The BUFFET: You must take your time and be creative. I found it got better and better through the holiday. Gained five pounds.Especially good for the fresh cooking stations: Fish and Grill: Every night thick red snapper grilled with olive oil and fresh herbs on the BBQ.Grilled thick chicken breasts,or thin grilled steak.Pasta Station; Loved this!! Three kinds of pasta reheated hot with choice of great fresh toppings;Fresh tomatoes,suasage,bacon,onions,sweet peppers,green peppers,mushrooms cooked hot and fresh in a pan sauteed with oil olive each order. Also some nights three separate fresh herbs: cilantro, dill etc. The’ piece de resistence ‘ was the delicious imported Fresh italian parmesan cheese wheel from italy.Carve out any amount you want. Also fresh thin crust pizza station. Tip: go to buffet and add 10/20 extra ingedients to be cooked to order for a deluxe fully topped pizza. Also 20/30 tasty veggie options at salad bar.For us better than just salad crap. Also a carving station with alternating Delicious Roast pork,Roast Turkey and red whole snapper.make sure you ask for bigger portions if needed. 10/12 main buffet items a little limited but sometimes quite good.Great breads and rolls with toaster and butter.Fresh omlette/crepe station in morning.Only complaint: the fries were always cold. Otherwise 4/5. Sausage/hamburger/hotdog grill BBQs behind main pool and beach both good. Do not forget the a la carte 24 hour lighthouse restuarant for very good pizza,pastas,fish and small but tasty salad bar.Amazing sundried tomatoes !!!!

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Best widest beach in varadero. Also spaced out and quiet unlike all other resorts to the north which are packed.Shallow gradual sandy water to ocean. Quite warm. Somes days paradise and calm. Some days too rough to swim. The three pools were absolutely GREAT,GREAT and more GREAT !! The big activity lagoon pool was always fun. Excellent entertainment staff in the afternoons. Really great genuine people. Many of us could learn off them since we are obnoxious,rude and too demanding. Two great tranquil pools too with waterfalls,fountains and lack of crowds.

total nirvana. for us well maintained grounds,beautiful flowers and well maincured.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: Great caring Kids club ‘teachers’ and kids playground.An excellent ,fast waterslide in main pool for excilirating kid and adult fun slides. #1 slide in varadero strip !! Great evening shows with professional dance troup,amazing beautiful women and male dancers,singers,acrobats and magicians.

Main lobby nightly entertainment before main theatre show with music bands,cartoon characters,mimes,flamenco dancers etc. Every night for us.

Other Comments: This is Cuba folks. Do NOT compare it to five star mayan riveria,mexico or jamaica.There you pay double and yes the food is better etc.but for the price/quality/cuba foods standards and quality this resort DOES rate 4 or 4.5 /5 for cuban standards.

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