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Between me, my family and our friends, we had three rooms, they were very spacy and comfortable, the maids were extremely friendly and did a great job! The food was good and the staff were exceptional,really helpful. The Cuban experience is not one to miss. The weather is pretty amazing and I would go back to Blau Varadero any time.

At arrival our bags were taken to the main desk where we were given wrist bands to show that we were all inclusive.The only problem was the lifts but they didnt really affect us much. We found our room got ready and went straight to the pool.

Rooms: Perfect size,

room to store clothes, miny fridge stocked with cool drinks, bathroom double bed balcony, great views.

Restaurants and Bars:
great food.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: brilliant, pool, the grounds have a football court,

the ground is beautiful and the reseraunts were great.

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