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delicateflower3663 2009-01-27 20:25:54 UTC #1


I bought the transformer thingy at Canadian Tire. Has 4 different plugs labelled for use in different areas of the world. Also has a converter thingy that changes the current from 110 to 220 or whatever. Good for small heat appliances up to 1600 watt.

I just noticed that my blowdryer has the switch thing on it to change it between 220 and 110. Do I flip the switch on the blowdryer AND use the converter, or leave the blowdryer as is and use the converter or what?

Staying at the Barcelo Cayo Largo if anyone has been there and knows what type of plug is in the bathroom…

I’m confused, and I really don’t want to blow up my blowdryer!

eeeefarm 2009-01-27 20:33:48 UTC #2

If it’s dual voltage, just flip the switch (check the outlet voltage first)…or you could just use the blow dryer provided by the hotel.

delicateflower3663 2009-01-27 20:37:58 UTC #3

Not blonde here, but …

So I flip the switch on the blowdryer and just plug it into the wall at Barcelo?

Or I flip the switch and plug it into the converter which is plugged into the wall?

Or I flip the switch and plug it into a plug and then into the converter and then into the wall?

Or I say screw it and have ugly hair for a week? LOL

cubavisitor 2009-01-27 20:41:20 UTC #4

If the wall plugs at Barcelo are 220V , set switch to 220 and plug into wall. Don’t use the converter.

system 2009-01-27 21:00:54 UTC #5

There’s no such thing as ugly hair. You’re on VACATION. Don’t sweat the small stuff and there is no big stuff.

Flip the switch to 220 and plug it straight into the wall. Save your transformer for your alarm clock. On second thought, plug your alarm clock into 220v as well. You’re on vacation.

scovanotian 2009-01-27 21:01:09 UTC #6

Er… I bought a dual voltage blow dryer once… ‘cause it was on sale, not because I needed dual voltage. When it finally died a ripe old age, out of curiosity I took it apart. The dual voltage switch was not connected to anything, no wires, nuthin’, it was purely decoration. lol

We have been using the cheap canadian tire thingy and bringing a surge protecting power bar. We’ve had no problems with that combination using laptops, ipods, cameras, psp’s, gameboys, battery chargers.

eeeefarm 2009-01-27 21:05:38 UTC #7

I’m still not sure why anyone bothers bringing a hairdryer when most hotels supply them. ???

delicateflower3663 2009-01-27 21:10:11 UTC #8

Oh! Hey! good idea there!

But my converter is only two prong… aren’t power bars 3 prong? That won’t work. Dang.

I read the instructions form the converter kit… (geez… who’d a thunk… instructions! LOL)

and I’m cool with the blowdryer now. BUT – here’s the new tragedy – it says not to use with curling irons that have “instant heat” or auto shut off features. Guess what my curling iron has! Both! Aaaaargh! and I have no idea if it is dual voltage, either. So now I have to have ugly STRAIGHT hair for a week, or go to a store that sells my curling iron and read the package to see if it is indeen dual voltage. Apparently “true” dual voltage senses it automatically, and has no switch. Hmmmm…

Can you say ponytail???

delicateflower3663 2009-01-27 21:14:51 UTC #9

I like my blowdryer. Does the job in no time flat, and it’s what I’m used to.

The instructions also said to ALWAYS use the low heat setting… ummm… NOT! That would take FOREVER.

Well, if I blow it up, I have another one at home. ;D

Now I just have to find a solution to the curling iron quandary…

(yes, I am vain and high maintenance. ;D)

freedomryder 2009-01-27 22:20:26 UTC #10

Or I say screw it and have ugly hair for a week? LOL

I would say screw it and have what you consider “Ugly hair for the week”, jejeje.

I have blown up 2 blow dryers with the brush attached to it so far in Cuba, even though I have used converters. ???

My hair is naturally curly and I go to great lengths to make it straight. When I finally get it straight while on vacation, I spend 5 minutes outside of the room and it curls up on me again.

Now, if we could only switch ‘Hair Types’ we both would have what we would consider “Awesome Hair” on vacation. :-*

Good luck with your hair.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

alanr 2009-01-28 04:19:28 UTC #11

Check here for detailed info on the electrical outlets at the Cayo Largo hotels:

Turns out the bathrooms at the Barcelo have both 110 and 220 outlets so you can use your hairdryer there just like you do at home without any switching or converting required. NB – the 110 outlet applies ONLY to the bathroom.

system 2009-01-28 13:11:05 UTC #12

Now I just have to find a solution to the curling iron quandary…

An alternate to the electric curling iron is the butane. I’ve been using a Braun model for years both for travel and when we are out on the boat where we often don’t have access shore power.

The one thing I have learned, during our Cuba vacations, no matter whether I use a blow dryer or curling iron, as soon as I step into the humid air it all goes to hell in a hand basket :’( Hats are great ;D ;D

shirleyujest1 2009-01-28 15:26:48 UTC #13

And I, too,have given up on packing my hairdryer and curling iron when I travel. The hotel ones work just fine. Saves weight and space in my suitcase for other things.

My hair is fine and straight. Like others have stated, I have wasted far too much time “doing” my hair only to walk out of the room and you would never know I did anything to my hair.

Just a whole lot of wasted vacation time, IMHO. Besides that, I’ve learned to fuss less at home about my hair, too.

Oh, and thanks for the info about the converters and the electrical outlets. :-*

ewka 2009-01-28 16:32:55 UTC #14

One of the great things I enjoy on vacation is NOT having to do my hair as it goes all nice and soft and wavy as soon as I step out fo the room for 5 minutes.

If I’d tried to walk out of my house here without ‘doing’ my hair I would be arrested for the way I look. : ;D

Skip both the hairdryer and the curling iron and you will have lovely vacation hair, plus lots of extra vacation time.

delicateflower3663 2009-01-28 17:43:35 UTC #15

Good advice from everyone! Maybe I’ll just go and get a trim before we go, so the ends of my hair won’t feel like straw anymore. That will help, and maybe give it some good shape, too.

Maybe I’ll go low-maintenance for a week. I’m just going to have to get over the fact that I don’t like the way my hair feels if I don’t blowdry. I’ll chance it on the hotel’s blowdryer, and see how things go.

Meh! Whatever, right? Pony tails, hats, bobby pins, clips, etc.

Or I could thrill the hubby and use sponge rollers every night LMAO!!

How attractive and romantic!

annem 2009-01-28 17:55:02 UTC #16

And that’s why I like having a perm – can’t bother doing my hair on vacation, and it also saves me time when I’m home (love to get that extra 20 minutes of sleep in the morning!). With a good hairdresser and quality products, you can have beautiful curls with zero effort – long gone are the days of “poodle perms” (unless that’s what you want!).

delicateflower3663 2009-02-16 21:50:20 UTC #17

Well, I packed the blowdryer, flat iron and curling iron… bought the adaptor thingy, and never used any of them. I used the hotel blowdryer, and lotsa hairspray.

I had a trim before going, and wore my hair in a “bun” thingy at the back of my head with a cool hair thingy that looked like a big bunch of my own hair. I added a fake hibiscus flower to match each swimsuit I wore, and since I did this every day, people started recognizing me from afar by my hairdo! LOL

I will never worry about something so silly again! ;D

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