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This was my husband’s and my third trip to Cancun. Although we were completely satisfied with our two previous resorts we decided to try another just to compare. BIG MISTAKE! We stayed at the Blue Bay Getaway & Spa which is adults only (21 and over). We chose this because we are both in our 50’s and, although we like to party too, we don’t always like the little kids around.

We were surprised at how small the lobby was compared to others we have stayed at but the resort was deceiving from the outside in that it was much larger then it appeared. Check in was very quick and we were promptly taken to our room #257.

The bellboy was extremely pleasant and friendly. Although the room was quite nice, we were a little disappointed in its size as it was much smaller then the other 2 places we had stayed at. The bathroom had a nice large shower (big enough for 3 people) but the bathroom was so small that only one person could be in there at a time and the door could only open half way because the toilet stopped it from opening any further. Closet space was very ample with a large hanging area and then shelves for you clothes as there was no dresser in the room. Our tiny little chambermaid was a real sweet heart. She always had our room cleaned very early and arranged the cutest designs from our towels and then filled them with flowers. They work long hours for peanuts and we made sure she compensated each day.

The grounds were very nice and well kept but could use a few benches here and there for sitting in the court yard area just for those that would like to sit away from the pool or crowds.

Pools and Beach:
Blue Bay has 3 pools but what they don’t tell you in the travel brochures is that one pool is for sports such as volley ball. The other pools are quite nice though, in that they have several whirl pools built right into them so you can sit and relax (they do not provide rafts for the pool). Both pools have swim up bars. The beach is calm with no heavy surf however it is a rather small beach area and tight with many lounge chairs. There is a wide rocky area just past the water line that makes it hard to go into the water unless you have something on your feet. As with any resort you have to get down there some what early to place your towel for the shady areas. We found the bartenders at the main pool to be far less friendly then other places we have stayed at and their tip jars reflected that. We tip well with each drink however they seemed to act as though they were doing us a favor. The bartender at the smaller, quieter pool seemed to be much friendlier and his tip jar reflected this.

The food was a disappointment compared to the other 2 places we stayed at as well. I guess we were spoiled at the other 2 in that they each provided a carving station every night offering roast turkey, roast beef and ham every night. There was no carving station until about the 3rd night we were there and it was bloody rare roast beef. A lot of the food was very greasy including the nacho chips which they deep fry right there. For one who eats low or no fat, it was very difficult. Their soups were pretty good, they offered a lot of bread but it seemed no more then 2 different kinds at a time. The salad station was plentiful but some things were not labeled "especially" the salad dressings which we both felt were watered down. Decaf coffee was not brewed, they handed you a jar and you mixed your own. Desserts were plentiful but they all seemed to taste the same and didn’t vary much from day to day. We saw what appeared to be food inspectors and/or health department representatives mid week and after their appearance the food seemed to take on a better quality.They have 3 specialty restaurants. One is Italian, fish and Chinese. Neither or us liked the Italian restaurant and didn’t even find our meal anything near Italian. The fish was very good but we found the Chinese to be the best with larger portions, tastier food and a fantastic wait staff too. Kudos to them for a very enjoyable evening.

Bad experiences: Two things that really turned me off about the Blue Bay is 1) Their concierge desk calls to welcome you and they want you to come down in the morning for a "champagne breakfast" so they can show you how to save up to "70% of your next vacation". We almost went for it but found out from others that it’s nothing more then to try and get you to buy into time share! There are plenty of places all over Cancun that do that and it was a real disappointment to have your resort trying to do the same thing on "your vacation time" They didn’t seem to perform any of the things that most concierge desks do.

The second was we had a leak in our room through a recessed light in the ceiling from the floor above. Any one who has previously stayed where there are marble floors, knows how dangerous water is. I came out of the bathroom, walked into the hall where the closet was and my feel went right out from under me. Thank God the closet door was open so I had something to grab and break my fall or I could have cracked my head open. However, I have 2 bulging discs in my back and had just received 2 lumbar epidural steroid injections for pain before leaving. This fall brought that all back. I called the front desk to inform them of what had happened. They said they would send some one right away. We waited while the clock ticked away but had dinner reservations. We called again and told them we had to leave for dinner. After dinner we stopped at the front desk and they informed us that the leak had been fixed. We promptly returned to our room only to find that the towels we had placed on the floor were still there as well as some pools of water that we missed. I had to call the front desk again and they sent some one to clean that up and bring fresh towels (which we had to ask for). The following morning I stopped at the desk to inform a young German employee (with impeccable English) of the mishap. I informed him that what really disgusted me the most of what could have been a very bad accident was that not one person there even asked if I was all right or if there was anything they could do!

Blue Bay is definitely off our "return to" list and at bottom of our recommendation list.

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