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Well, I can’t believe no one has written about this absolutely exotic, friendly and tasty retaurant! For the last 7 years we have been going to the DR and the Boca Marina as a required experience. If you are looking for romance, fine dining, swimming, great service and having your spirits lifted, go to Boca. Nights: The restaurant is built into a gently rolling cliff descending to the sea and a romantically lighted, expansive pier loaded with pure white tables, white sofas, waiters in long white costumes, and even all white private bed/dining area at the tip of the pier. Punctuating the diner areas are flowing guaze curtains which flop in the light cooling breezes. Lighting is extraordinary and professional with clear views of the fish living around the pier. I bring friends every year and always bring the owner of the Hotel Zapata,my favorite Boca hotel,for our special night (s). Their choice of hypnotic world music enhances the feeling that we are in a dream! All male service keeps a good eye on your every need. They look like zen gurus from GQ, ha! Food can be expensive unless you get the Spaghetti Bolagnese and one bottle of wine. Sometimes we go just be in a loving place for a drink, sometimes we go for the lobster and splurge. There is no pressure to spend. Days: sunny and breezy, same everything, and bring your bathing suit. You can swim around the pier and beach; very welcoming. The restaurant is more than the pier. Along the slope of the bank are tables with white linens and blue linen napkins. You can sit as public or private as you desire. My God this place is a dream. Go home and have great sex after.

It is a bit hidden from central Boca and the street is a dark walk, but completely safe with guards with guns stationed at hotels along the way. We always walk with a fashlight.

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