Bonaire – Explore the Caribbean with Debbie

Have you ever found yourself thinking about visiting exotic destination? Of course you do, each of us wants to spend their vacation on some island enjoying the nice weather and the perfect long beaches while we drink cocktail. Well, one of that “fantasy” locations is actually a real location located near the north coast of South America and west of Venezuela. more…

Visitors so far say that this island is one of the best in this part of the world because of its location and wonderful nature that gives extra pleasure.

Bonaire, which means good air is part of the Netherlands and official language is Dutch, but don’t worry almost all of the citizens speak English so that would not be a problem at all. This island’s capital is Kralendijk and most of the population (18.000citizens) lives there. The weather is almost perfect. It is an island that has the lowest rainfall rate in the Caribbean Sea and the temperature variety is 1C-2C so the average temperature is 22C-24C during the entire year. Also, this Bonaire is outside of the hurricane belt so you don’t have to worry about that either. This kind of weather conditions makes this island paradise for scuba diving around the outstanding corals which are some kind of trademark for this location. Exactly that is one of the most attractive spots on the island together with snorkeling and surfing. But that’s not all, if you are a fan of baseball, tennis or volleyball than Bonaire will provide excellent terrains and highly trained professionals to help you out while you practice or play with your family or friends.

You can choose which transport you will choose to get there-the easier option is by airplane which will be much quicker than boat but less exciting. The dishes at Bonaire are a mixture of the cultures that have settled there over the years and brought their influence by that. Most of the food is seafood, which is always fresh and with incredibly nice taste. You can choose between French fries, rice or some other extra ingredient from the menu as extra part in the dish together with the seafood. If you prefer Italian, French or even Chinese dish you can easily find a restaurant that serves that kind of food on the island. A good thing to do is to try the local pasta made from corn meal, salt, butter and water. There are a few facts you should know about having a drink and eventually visiting a casino. If you want to buy a drink, then you should be at least 18 years old and if you want to gamble a bit than you should be at least 21 years old. Restaurants have the best chefs that have won many prizes in cooking competitions and the products they use are of the best quality possible. Bars and pubs are open all the time, well until the last visitors decide to go home and get some rest. But even that they are part of Netherlands drugs are forbidden and there is a penalty for that. You can find a lot of restaurants on Bonaire, but if you are tired and you are staying in the resort then you don’t have to worry about that because there is a restaurant at the resort usually. Accomodation on this island is very affordable and very nice. Almost in every resort, room or villa there is an internet connection and the hygiene standards are at the highest level possible. Renting a room will cost you $67 per night, but it depends on the location, but anyhow every dollar it is worth it, definitely.

While you stay on Bonaire there are some interesting places that are good to see. For example Klein Bonaire, which is a place where you can snorkel or Donkey Sanctuary where you can feed the lovely donkeys or take a picture with them. For the ones that would prefer to watch the sea and relax under the sun than the perfect place is Lac Bay, or if you want to see some historic buildings than you should visit Cultural Park Mangazina DI Rei. There is something for everyone here.

So don’t waste more time-book your ticket and enjoy the time of your life in paradise called Bonaire.

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