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Hi!Have been to the island about 10 times but have not stayed here. How are the accommodations, do all the rooms have full kitchens? We stayed at the currently-being-renovated Casuarina (next door) once and at the (now) Amaryllis for the remainder of our visits. We love the island are are planning for 2 – 3 weeks beginning April 1, 2006. Is the sea always as "kicked up" as it was when we were there or is it calm on some days? Three out of four had some minor bumps and scrapes and bathing suit losses from being "kicked out" of the ocean LOL….I was the lucky one!!! TIA for any information you may provide.Bubbygirl
BubbygirlBougainvillea is lovely, we have a one bed apartment on timeshare there. The ocean, is as you say, rather choppy – but it is a beautiful beach as you will know if you were at Casuarina. We always go end April early May and do tend to get bumped around a bit, but if you follow the warning flags and only swim when safe you should be okay. I understand Casuarina is now AI. The apartments and studios at Bougainvillea all have full kitchen with cooker, microwave, kettle, toaster, coffee maker, large fridge freezer and crockery and glasswear you will need. Dont know this site that well, I have photographs I could post for you or PM to you but not sure whether the facilities allow it… am off to have a look and will send some pics for you if I can


Hi Heather!Thank you so very much! We are going between the Bouganvillea and the Maresol Apartments but have not heard back from MA after sending a few emails. The picutures are appreciated, I couldn not have posted them, would not know where to start ;)! I could certainly do with some of that gorgeous beach right about now!


Trying to plan a wedding in Barbados for February 2007. Originally wanted to go in March, but the Cricket Cup put the Kibosh to that.I went on a planning trip in May (it was my second time to Barbados) and we picked the Accra to stay and hold my wedding as we want to be on the South Coast. Now, due to construction, they’re not going to do our wedding.One of the many other places I visited on my planning trip in Barbados was the Bougainvillea. It was beautiful and I liked the wedding location. I just thought it was in the middle of nowhere, and I didn’t like the rooms as much (the Accra had hot tubs on the deck in the room we were going to stay), although a kitchenette is nice. Both of my visits I stayed right in Rockley, where there is restaurants, shopping, transportation, grocery stores and, most of all, plenty of affordable restaurants in walking distance.Bougainvillea seemed so secluded, which is nice in one way, but did anyone find it too far out of the way? And do you have to walk down to the main road to catch a bus? Are they plentiful, like in Rockley/Worthing/Hastings? I don’t want to have to take cabs everywhere. And it doesn’t look like a very safe neighbourhood… anyone hear about mugging, etc?Also, is there more affordable places close by (preferably in walking distance) that I could recommend to my guests? I would like to give them a cheaper alternative.

Any help would be appreciated. I love the island, I’m just bummed about the Accra.

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