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Hello, We’re planning 2 weeks in Grenada for February 2016, and are hoping to start narrowing our focus on resort/hotel possibilities. As it’s just my wife and I (leaving the kids at home) we would prefer adult only, although that’s not absolutely necessary (as long as the resort is typically pretty quiet). That said, we are looking for a smaller sized, or boutique hotel if possible. I understand the island is fairly cheap. From what I’ve read we should be able to get a nice room for no more than $200-250/night. The room doesn’t need to be too fancy, as we’ll be spending most of the time on the beach. However, food and service is important to us… We certainly don’t expect a private butler at $200/night, but we’ve learned firsthand what an impact cheerful & welcoming staff can have on the vacation. So, in summary, looking for-Small, quiet resort-mid-range price -good food & staff-On, or extremely close to beachAny recommendations and experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Great choice! I took my family to Siesta hotel a year ago. I was blown away by the quality of the resort and the location, considering how affordable it was. I would recommend Siesta Hotel to anyone wanting to vacation in Grenada.

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