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This resort has a hotel section and villas. I had booked with Nolitours which has exculsives on the villas. I travelled with my 73 year old mother and we stayed in the Villas on the first floor. Check in is fast and they explain everything to you then but do read the pamphelt that is included in package as it gives you more information regarding hours of bars and what the hours of restraunts are and where you can find food at any time.

Rooms:: Villas are in a central location close to pool, bars, hot tubs and all restraunts. Our room was huge, we had a wrap around balcony that started at the seperate sitting room, this room had a love seat and chair, coffee table a cupboard that stored the mini bar which was stocked every day with water, juice, pop and beer. There was also a tv in this room.

Bathroom has seperate sink area. Lots of hot water and great water presure. Safe was in one of two closets, was included in room. The maid did a wonderful job of cleaning it every day. I have stopped bring small gifts for the resort staff as they have all received about 100 flashlights, 1000 toothbrushes and cheap crap from dollar store. We gave her CUC everyday instead they can decside what they want instead of me. I don’t give waitress here in Canada a pair of pantyhoses. the staff know what they need the CUC for, so let them make the same choose.

Restaurants and Bars:: there is yes here is the name Jimmy Buffet (buffet), and three alcartes Ialian, Japanese and Cuban.I went to the Cuban (which is the beach restaurant during the day)and Japanese, I must confess right off I love Cuba and the food, the Cuban alCarte was good, the Japanese was ok. Did not try the Italian. The morning buffet at Jimmy’s had a great variety of food, they have machine that gives you fresh squeezed orange juice i thought If i could only get that machine in my luggage it would of come home with me. Fresh made eggs at the grill any way you want them, wonderful bread. The down fall of morning buffet only one toaster. Fresh fruit, cheeses buns and sweets if you could not find something to eat there you are a really picky eater. Lunch at the beach restaurant was very good, much smaller buffet and fresh home made pizza, you have to try to the pizza if you like thin crust. I liked how they solved the bird problem for this out door restaurant, netting over the buffet table. it works. There is also a bar here. During the day ther ususally was a Cuban band playing while you ate. Dinner Jimmy Buffet- Always a great choose of foods, mostly hot, tasty, looked great and I did not starve but once again when you have over a 100 chooses to put on your plate you can not complain at all. Thursday night is lobster night – they were tastey and you could eat all you want. get to buffet early as it is the only time i had seen a line up to get into. Bars — there is the main lobby bar which is 24 hour bar and has premium brands, while there a bottle of Jim Beam and Canadian Club showed up can not say if they are there all the time but they were there for at least a night that I know of. Millwood, Campari, JB scotch, khlahua and others. Just ask as the shelves don’t always tell the full story.

Lobby bar, Pool bar, bar by the Japanese restraunt (behind the Villas) and hot tubs, beach bar in the beach (cuban) restaurant. All fast service just use your manners. Try the banana drink on menu. Crystal beer on tap at all bars. I brought my double stainless steeled wall 12oz mug with me and it was the perfect size.

Beach/Pools/Grounds:: beach – where do I start it is huge, beautiful, lots of shade when you want it, clean, the ocean.

pool there is a seperate little kids pool fenced off with loungers for the parents. the pool is about 3 1/2 at the deepest point. It is cleaned every morning. My dispointment here is I had wished that the pool would just stay open one hour later, still hot and humid when it closes.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel::
activity staff at resort really entertaining, lots of activities around pool and around beach. Night time entertainment the people are talented to tell you the truth I did not see to much of it. I was always someplace else and only catch part of the show.

Other Comments:: At the start of this review I told you I was with my 73 year mother. The entertainment staff, bartenders and our maid were so gracious to her. this was my moms first trip to Cuba (she is a DR junky) she has told she would go back to Cuba anytime. This resort has a few flaws, they tried to make this resort wheelchair friendly, they put in ramps on most stair cases, they fail miserbly here they would be way to steep for a manual wheelchair, I could not find a ramp for my mom to walk up to get to the buffet. It is 15 stairs up and down to the buffet. This is only a concern if you have a mobilty issue.

This resort is lovely, the food, bar service, villas, resort staff, the beach would make me go back to this resort, I would not bring my mom again but only due to the mobility issue,she enjoyed herself I would have to find another resort who really is equipped for those with a mobility issue. She can still walk, stairs are just getting tougher for her. I really enjoyed myself, went to Callie 62 when i could, went to the lovely Havahna, double decker bus tour of Varadero and walked miles. Next resort will be just a little closer to town when I go again. I would stay at this resort again

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