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Bella Costa is an old hotel that needs to be refurbished. Taken over by Breezes approx. 3 yrs. ago. Staff are excellant, very pleasant and helpful. Friends found cockroaches and ants in their room, but we did not. Had a water leak on our section of the floor. Pool was fine, lots of chairs. Weather was so so, some days very windy couldn’t used beach as it was too cold.

Your Arrival:
Trip from Toronto to Cuba was a long process as is with every trip. Arrival was fine, bus trip from airport to hotel not very long, but had to stop off at different hotels, that’s expected. Greated by friendly front desk staff. Drinks awaiting your arrival.

Room not ready when we got there, had to wait couple of hours. Rooms cleaned every day. Our room overlooked the pool, ocean and stage. Entertainment ended at approx. 11 PM so don’t try to sleep before that.Safe in the room. Towels not bath size, but adequate. No face cloths.

Restaurants and Bars: Jimmy’s restaurant good. Great staff, very helpful, you ask and they try to accomodate you. Specialty restaurant’s not all they are cracked up to be. Italian restaurant presented you with a menu, but didn’t have everything available. Head waiter rude. Japanese rest. not bad. Fish was good. Lobster on Thursday nights at Jimmy’s. Beach rest. not bad, good french fries, pizza. Birds flying around all the time.

If you decided to tip you will get great service. Seems they pay more attention to those with money.

Nice. Took the long walk into Varadaro by the beach, 4 1/2 klms. one way. Clean. Life guards good at posting flags water conditions and jelly fish. Lots of lounges and sunshade.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Approx. 4 -5 games per day. Winner gets bottle. Took excursion into Havana. Not bad but because is was on a Monday some of the attractions were not open. Tour of castle limited to one area. Tour guide nice and informative. Lunch provided on tour, wasn’t bad. Kids begging all the time. When you say no they will continue to ask for money. Just walk away.

Other Comments:
I haven’t decided if I would ever to return to Cuba. Once was enough. If you go outside the resort and need to use the facilities take some kleenex with you as they don’t have any or they will ask for money for some. Shopping is not great, just junk at the markets, same everywhere. Wood carvings very nice, but do not think they would last in Canada because of the temperature here. Would likely crack and dry out. Vendors will bargin. We also took a taxi (old car) into town and it was a nightmare. Not all taxis as bad as the one we had. Took a taxi back to hotel from town and used the newer vehicle. Cost in the area of $5.00 p. Lots of places to drink in town, didn’t try any food.

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