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Arrived an hour earlier than expectd (they hadn’t changed time back as of yet) The frontdesk made sure our luggage was put in storage and we were free to roam the property. We headed straight to the beach and awesome it was, Don went back to the storage area to get his bathing suit (if i had know, i would of worn my under my clothes) and into the ocean he went. The weather was hot and sunny (just what we were hoping for) The frontdesk was kind enough to call the chambermaid to see how long a wait we had, it turned out to be 20 minutes so we hung in the lobby till we got our keys. The porter than made arragemnets to get our luggage and met us at the room….Fabulous it was, ocean view with a patio off the patio doors….the room was a little outdated but clean, clean, clean. We unpacked and i grabbed my suit and off to the beach we went.

Room Number:

Room Block:

March 23 2012

A little outdated but clean, clean, clean. We had a commode and a bidae (not sure if that’s spelt right.

Restaurants and Bars:
Jimmy Buffet’s was awesome, the service, the food (oh so much) and the desserts….you have to remember what looks like a potatoe, and smells like a potatoe may not be a potatoe…lol…We never got a chance to try any of the other resturants due to dress code…I brought some fancy stuff but Don just brought shorts and t shirts, never once thinking they would have a slacks and shirt dress code for the resturants. I didn’t mind at all, i was so impressed with Jimmy Buffet’s and was too lazy to make reservations anyway.

Awesome, awesome, awesome, i found the towel guys a little rude in having you wait to get towels and then again when you turned them in to get your towel cards back, they would jsut carry on like you weren’t even there and as polite Canandians, none of us said a word. The one comment that was made was "they could never work at Tim Horton’s" which brought a smile to some of us, but the pool itself was cool and refreshing, i found there wasn’t enough chaise lounges that would be shaded and learned the hard way that you have to be down early to get one in the shade…the trick being when you go for breakfast, grab a towel and place it where you want to spend time at the pool, regardless on when you get there the chaise will not be touched, again thanks to Canadian politness.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
They had dance classes, workouts, bbq’s and shows every night, if you wanted to participate they offered may things to do, sailing on the beach, paddle boats, kayaks. In the front lobby they diplayed all the off the resort excursions. We did the fishing trip, alot expensive but if your a fisher person than it’s a must. We also hired a driver to take us to Havana, we don’t like to do group ventures and we could explore the capital at our own pace. We hired a local cab driver Joel, who spoke very good english, we had a blast and got to see Havan inside and out, it turned out to be a 13 hour day trip, we were exhausted. Thank God the next day we had book massages through the hotel, at 25 peso’s it was dearly needed. Luis did a fine job, loosened up most of the mucsle groups and it just plan felt good. oh i have to mention we also rented the scooter’s, for 30 peso’s each we got them for 24 hours and that was a blast, we scooted all over Varadero, went to the cave, the marina the village, fun fun fun it was…surely a must.

Other Comments:
This was our first time to Cuba and toally enjoyed it, it’s a little daunting to know your in a comunist country, most of the people we spoke to about politics wouldn’t discuss it, others have a huge hope that Raul will be a change

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