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Hi, we are heading to Breezes the end of February 2010 to celebrate our 10th anniversary. I understand some of the rooms are a little old but they have possible remodelled part of the resort?

Can anybody please give me advice on which is likely the best rooms or wing? Does anyone know a contact there to hopefully beg for something a little nicer prior to our arrival

Hope someone can help..thx

Wow, this board is dead for sure..nothing in over a year?!I am heading to Breezes and am wondering the same info as the poster above…..I had heard they have started to remodel the resort, wondering if anyone has any recent info.Also, a email address for a reservations manager there, so I can confirm my booking and requests directly with the hotel.Would love to get some info and feedback on this place if possible. If not, is there a better site for people traveling to the Bahamas perhaps for info and feedback?


Thanks, I have been over there and got some info…still looking for the email to contact the resort. And still looking for info on what floors have been renovated and updated…seems to be conflicting information out there…..but thanks for the heads up!

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