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Just returned from two glorious weeks at Breezes, Curacao. Loved every minute of the vacation.The resort was perfect, couldn’t find a thing to complain about !

Feel free to ask as many questions as you’d like !

Interesting how people can have such different experiences. Our time there had to have overlapped (we were there from Oct. 15th – Oct. 22nd). The weather, beach and water were all beautiful, the staff was pleasant and generally helpful, but our room was absolutely awful. Really, they had no business booking anyone into it. Closet door was missing, dresser draw was broken, ceiling had water damage, repairs that were made were done with mismatched parts, we found a huge roach by the bed one morning. Worst of all, we were stuck in the back of the resort, separated by staff operations by only a thin sidewalk. We heard generators and other machinery at all hours, and as soon as staff arrived, we were awakened by their laughing, yelling, and fighting. Also, the airconditioning seemed to have two settings: Off and Frigid. Finally, the walls were absolutely paper thin. We had the misfortune of having someone next to us who was sick, and we heard gagging, wheezing, coughing and the like from the moment we woke up in the morning. Really surprised that the Superclubs organization would be so lax.

So, purrcafe – if you had had a different room, would you have had a good time at this resort?

Did you ask if you could be changed to a different room?

Shirleyu: We asked to be placed in a different room as soon as we encountered our first problem. They told us that they were full, which I don’t think was the truth, because we met another two other families who were successful in getting their accommodations changed. I believe that the issue there is that management is either extremely lax or entirely non-existent. They seemed to have no concept of heading off a problem, or doing something other than putting a band-aid, a quick fix on it.It is certainly possible that had they been willing to switch our room, we might have left with a better taste in our mouths. I do need to be fair and reiterate that the water was absolutely beautiful, the snorkeling was great, and that the beach, even though it was quite small was very nice. By the way, did you see the incident in which about 30 kids from the public beach invaded the Breezes grounds? One of the kids found a Breezes bracelet somewhere and was bringing back like 10 sodas at a time to his friends. The bracelet was clearly visible to me, even when I was wearing sunglasses, but security did absolutely nothing.

I guess I just feel that the resort has quite a ways to go and a lot of cleaning up to do before they are not second rate, or only deserving of three star reviews.

that’s too bad about your room. We were lucky, we asked for the Flamingo wing and got it. Rooms were all upgraded, very quiet (even tho the generator went 24/7 we didn’t hear a thing with the A/C on).Every hotel tells you they’re full, it makes them look good ! I would have demanded to speak to the manager – and I know he would have assisted you. We had our own issues with Management (and they’re not what you’re thinking….) and they couldn’t do enough for us. We noticed Security hauling a couple of locals off the grounds once or twice, they were really good about getting them off the property. Too bad about the kids and the sodas !

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