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Am going to the Breezes in Curacao in April with two boys aged 8 and 10?Any tips? (We are taking watershoes, insulated mugs etc.)Has anyone travelled with digital camera equipment with rechargeable batteries? Do the electric converters work ok for these?Thanks!
I went last year with digital equip to Sunset Waters. No problems there, so would assume Breezes would be the same.

Have fun!

No probs with either at Breezes. Went 2 years ago and loved it. Remember scuba into is free and TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. We did not do it until the day before we left and wished we had done more of it. There was no limit at the time….space permitting. Take water shoes and wouldn’t hurt for the mugs as well. It is not a fancy new 5 star but it is very clean. You may have a rust stain in your tub but it will be imaculately clean. The food at Jimmy’s Buffet is VERY good. The ala carts were very good but service was a bit slow. Fine if you are into a leisurely meal and that is your entire evening. Overall I would give it a 4. We did a pirate ship snorkel and the jeep safari. Very much enjoyed both. The jeep tour was all day and we saw the windfarm and terra cotta plains. Very cool.
You will enjoy it.

Hi Geek and Junkie,did they do a beach towel service at Breezes?thanks,


if you mean do they supply towels thats a big 10-4. if i remember correctly you sign them out at the beach area each day and you return them each night. be sure they check off your room number as they are not very good with numbers given to them in english. we were just on that beach last week while on a cruise. looks as good as ever. have a great time.

I’m curious to know how your trip was and were you pleased with your decision to stay at Breezes. I’m also very interested in knowing how long the beach is. Thanks!

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