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This place introduces you to an amazing, unspoiled view of the countryside, while allowing you to experience an amazing experience for an amazing price. When they said everything was included, they meant it. The only extras are the jet skis and the scuba diving. We snorkeled, toured on a glass bottom boat, played on float rings, rode the banana boat, etc. Also, my daughter LOVED the FREE games in the arcade!

If you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere, that offers a big bang for the buck, check out this hotel!

Arrival: From the moment we arrived at Breezes Trelawny, we felt welcomed by those who took our bags and offered us drinks. Check in was literally a breeze, and we were quickly in our rooms. The rooms were fine; they had all the amenities needed and were very clean.

After we settled, we descended down the stairs and were treated like royalty by all the employees. The people were the difference between an okay hotel and an amazing one.

We had two rooms on opposite sides, as we requested. And were given ocean view rooms, even though we paid for mountain view. The rooms were a good size, especially considering you don’t go to Jamaica to hang out in the room.

Restaurants and Bars: The food was great. The buffet offered a large variety of food, with a tasty sampling of authentic cuisine. We like Jamaican food and thought they did a great job providing such a vast spread that also tasted really good. The staff was on point, even remembering all the members of our party as soon as we walked in. We loved Sasha Gay, Tamara, Stephny. Sophia made an awesome omelette every morning. The two specialty restaurants, Casablanca and Munasan, were good. Casablanca, the Italian/French restaurant provided a nice, comfortable atmosphere, with excellent cuisine. The maître d’ and the wait staff were wonderful! The snapper was the most delicious of all the items we ordered. Munasan, the Japanese steakhouse, was pretty good, but really hot. My daughter did not enjoy it, and I ended up taking her to the buffet to eat afterwards.

The bar drinks were good. We did not find that the alcohol was watered down. And if it was, its ALL YOU CAN DRINK! How can you complain about that? The bartenders, Alister, Yvonne, Germaine, Wilfred and all the others always took care of us and remembered from our first drink, what we liked to order.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: The lifeguards were awesome and even rescued a little boy while we were there. Ricardo was the absolute BEST!!

The beach is BEAUTIFUL! And they even have a small island right off shore. The pools were large and accommodated a vast array of guests. There were two waterslides, pool tables, a swim up bar, a volleyball net, tables and chairs and lounge chairs in the water.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: There was quality entertainment offered EVERY night. There were extraordinary and well known groups that performed. Throughout the day, the entertainment department filled the time with fun games and competitions, all with an age appropriate prize. Kenisha was our absolute favorite with her bubbly personality and crazy dance moves! They even offer a club for those who want to dance and continue hanging out, after the shows are over.

We toured the countryside, with our FABULOUS driver, Harry. If you want someone you can trust to take you around for a reasonable price, look for Harry. He’s usually sitting out in front of the hotel in his White Toyota Corolla. He’s the BEST!!! He stayed with us the whole time, even when we went to an Independence Day celebration and then a club.

Other Comments:
People who have complained about the staff, where probably like the ones we saw yelling and demanding the DJ to change the music or pitching fits in the lobby because they didn’t like something minor. Or those who murmured words of complaint because the room hair dryer took forever to dry their hair, and they had to get to dinner. People can be ridiculous with their expectations and for the value, we don’t see how people can find things to gripe about. For our family, anything that arose, the staff immediately responded and took care of the situation. Of course, our family treated them with respect and gratitude.

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