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We are seasoned travelers. This was only our 2nd visit to Breezes Jibacoa, and certainly not our last. Again stayed for two very pleasant and relaxing weeks early Apr. Drive from Varadero airport took 45 mins. Airport is nicely renovated, with closed smoking rooms, but weird how washrooms do not have toilet seats. Resort is situated approximately halfway between Varadero and Havana. Isolated except for Cameleon Villas Jibacoa resort next door.

The resort is still quite clean and well maintained despite it’s age. Our maid did a fair job of keeping our room clean, and everything worked very well. There is only one tiny dresser in closet, however there are a lot of hangers. Fridge stocked with 2 bottles of water and nothing else, neither is it restocked. Saving the environment is important to the resort, and therefore your towels and sheets will only be replaced if you request it. Face cloths are not provided. Our linens were a bit thin, but very clean. Beach towels are new and thick. Bed was very firm, no cushioning; pillows were fine. Found blow dryer not powerful enough. All outlets look like 110V but are 220V. Provided with a small transformer, however you need to bring an adapter or you will fry your curling iron etc if you plug into outlet as is. If you have serious hip or knee mobility issues, be warned that it is a bit of a step over and into the tub. Providing guests with umbrellas would be nice as there are no covered walkways.

Restaurants and Bars: Food was overall very good for Cuba, plenty of choices to please just about everyone. Rabbit, calamari and fish seemed to be an almost every day dinner staple. Was not my thing, but did manage to find something else to eat. Hot food is kept very hot as pans are sitting on burners, can see food bubbling. I did find the french toast was under cooked on the inside. Tap water is drinkable, and that is what is served to drink and as ice cubes. Ginger ale available. Contrary to some other reviews, you can get more than 1 glass of house wine at dinner.

Beach, this a snorkelers beach. Not as many fish varieties to see as my husband had hoped for, but he did see a few new ones to add to his list, including a scorpion fish just off shore. The different kinds of coral was also beautiful. Even if you are not a snorkeler, you will be amused by fish even at waist deep. Hardly any area where you can swim easily, unless you walk down to the left. Water shoes are recommended as you will encounter anything from tiny pebbles to big stones along most of the stretch of beach. Lots of chairs and shade (mostly from grape trees) available at the beach. The trees were blooming during our visit, but the bees did not bother the guests sitting under trees. Three palapas fell over during our stay, and were not replaced. Many of them desperately need re-thatching. Lounge chairs are hard plastic and horribly uncomfortable on the back and hips. Same type of chairs they have always had, and unfortunately they will not be replaced soon as they look new. You would think with most guests being over 50, the resort would have their guests’ comfort in mind. Bring a yoga or foam mat. Washrooms are located on back side of grill restaurant. There were several dogs walking the beach. They do not bother anyone, just lie in the shade. One female in particular, white with black spotted head is extremely friendly and very gentle. These poor critters are hungry for any handouts of food for fresh water.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: Watched only 2 shows, both were very good, Cuban and magician. They begin at 9:15 instead of the typical 9:45 at most other resorts.

Other Comments: Service was very good from every staff member. The only 2 areas where we found them to be a bit cold was at reception, and one female bartender. Not a big deal as service was still provided, even if not with a smile. Special thanks go out to Nelson for cooking the perfect eggs and for remembering just how I liked them. Mildred, our Sunwing rep was also pleasant. Guests were fellow Canadians, Brits and Germans. As this is a 14+ resort, there were no screaming kids. The only kids we would see and hear would be a few local folks who would use the beach. And yes, some of these people will be selling a few trinkets, or may ask you for toiletries or clothing. Honestly, they are not a problem. Look through your closet and toss a few items into your luggage to share with them. They are looking to trade, and not for monetary handouts. Did get a few bug bites, believe they were sand fleas. Not a real problem with anyone we saw. Neither did we get sick, nor did we hear of anyone else feeling ill. Exchange rates were 1.03 from Cdn dollars to CUC, and 1.14 from US dollars to CUC. Cubay brand liqueurs were cheaper at resort at a cost of CUC 3.10 for .7L compared to tiny bit more at airport. We are looking forward to our return to Breezes Jibacoa. It is not the fanciest resort we have been to, but it had everything that we needed to have a wonderful laid back and quiet holiday.

Lastly, thanks to Debbie and her team for their work on a wonderful site.

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