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First the BAD: I stayed 9 days over the Christmas holidays at the SuperClubs Breezes hotel in Montego Bay. While its location on Doctor’s Cave Beach is optimal, I would never recommend it to anyone. I ended up paying approximately $400 a night, and I have never felt more cheated… Case in point #1: Dirty It is a dirty hotel, when I entered my "deluxe" sweet, I was particularly charmed by the message that someone had left behind written in the dust of the glass door that read: "clean me, I’m dirty." I pointed this out to the conceirge who was carrying our bags. His response was to look at it and then leave. No action was taken. Case in point #2: Broken Down

During our stay there, the air conditioning unit malfunctioned and a portion of the ceiling collapsed under all of the recessed accumulation water from the broken air conditioning unit. The bathroom was flooded and a portion of the room was flooded as well. Their response? They came with some towels for us to use to absorb the excess water. We were not moved to another room, or compensated in any way.

Case in point #3: Poor Atmosphere The hotel boasts its entertainment and provided me with ear splitting third rate hosts. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the speakers/loudspeakers equipment was rusted over and crackling! During meals, this crackling speaker would be heard constantly so that conversation becomes a struggle and is often impossible. Case in point #4: Not accomodating

Mid trip we were to move from one suite to two separate rooms as the hotel was not able to accomodate our rather lengthy stay. Check out time is at 11am and check in time is at 3p. Of course, I had assumed they make arrangements for such things as is customary. But in fact, they expected us to leave our luggage unattended in front of the hotel entrance!!! until 3pm! Upon learning this, I was understandably upset and thought perhaps they could reimburse us some of that day’s payment since in fact, we were not checked in for that entire day, or offer some accomodation or compensation (esp. on Christmas Eve). Believe me I would much rather be checked in. But I was informed by the front desk manager that it was entirely "my fault" that I was checking out and then in at 3 and that’s their policy and she saw no wrongdoing on part of the hotel. Admittedly, this is true. That is the policy. And when I signed on for my length of time, the only option I was presented with was to check out on christmas eve’s morning and then back in, and I had falsely assumed they would move us over to the new room seamlessly. However, I think that its pretty harsh to speak to your guests this way and to make me feel so unappreciated as a customer. I certainly don’t appreciate feeling like cattle, but that is definitely the case at Breezes Montego Bay

Addendum: It would be most prudent to mention that while I was there, I noticed many many angry guests of the hotel who were blistering with rage and checking out sometimes an hour or two after they had checked in! I would definitely avoid this particular hotel, and the entire SuperClubs chain. The GOOD things: Jamaica is an amazing country. There is so much to see and do. I would recommend getting out of the areas that are overly tourism saturated. Eat a coconut in Bamboo Walk, buy some salted freshly roasted peanuts from the street vendors. I would highly recommend a trip to YS Falls. I think its a more tranquil lovely spot that the high traffic area of Dunns River Falls.

I can recommend a less seemingly glamourous hotel in Montego Bay that I had stayed at years ago, and while in Montego Bay, I had made a point to revisit and check out. It is the Glouchester…and ironically, it is across the street from Breezes (my aforementioned terrible experience). This hotel is charming in its interiors of dark woods all authentically from Jamaica. They are a clean hotel with friendly staff and extremely reasonable rates.

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