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This resort was a huge disappointment. I was very skeptical after reading the reviews which for the most part were very accurate! When we arrived to the resort I immediately wanted to go home. I was so upset with what we received for what we paid!!!!! The resort itself was extremely dated and not the cleanest (this is coming from a neat freak). It is definitely a 3 star resort & nothing more! With the price of a four star!

Room Number:

Lobby was small therefore very over crowded upon arrival. Checked into our room to find we had been given a room with a King size bed and had requested 2 beds as we were travelling with a child. The Manager was a little difficult to deal with and told us we "owed him one" when he finally switched us to a different room.

The rooms are so dated they are terrible!!!! The view from our room was probably the worst in the resort. We overlooked a staff maintenance area full of broken lounge chairs. Our bathtub did not work and we were travelling with a small child. When you turned the faucet on in the bathroom sink you were welcomed with a blast of water that shot out about 2 feet from the sink. There were chips in the tiles on the floor and grime around the calking in the bathroom, especially near the toilet. I was also disappointed to find there were no fridge’s with drinks in the rooms. You had to rent the refrigerator’s and drinks were not stocked. This was an inconvenience when travelling with a child. The only bottled water on the resort was in the lobby and cost $2.

Restaurants and Bars:
I am an extremely picky eater and can say the food was pretty good, although the selection was limited at the buffet. The layout was not very good as you were constantly bumping into people. We were also annoyed to find after trying to book the 3 a la cartes less than 24 hours after we arrived at the resort we were only able to get reservations for 2. I find this is a huge annoyance. The food at the italian & japanese was delicious. The cups are extremely small, so don’t forget to bring your own!!!!

The pools were very dated and not the cleanest. The water was almost cloudy in areas and there was dirt in the pool. We avoided the pools and spent most of our time at the beach which was wonderful. I read a review before we went & it said to go to the furthest part of the beach which is the best area for children to swim as there is a lot of coral in the water (you will see a wall where the locals sometimes sit on and they swim on the other side). I loved how there was a break in the water. There were 8 children in our group which made swimming in the ocean and using kayaks, etc. nicer. This resort had many activities for children, however with the 8 kids we travelled with we did not use any of the "extras" except the water activities.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
The city is beautiful & worth the 10 min drive by bus! I felt very safe and we took out 4 year old with us. The historic buildings are beautiful! One of my favourite parts of the trip! We also went to the Sea Aquarium, which is a 5 min walk from the hotel. This was also wonderful and our son enjoyed every minute of it, as did the adults!

Other Comments:
Curacao is a nice place, however this resort is way past due for an update. I see the Manager has made comments on other posts that the resort is going to undergo renovations. I don’t care if it’s getting a facelift now that my vacation is over! This will not help my experience at all! Had I known how dated it was and how badly it needed a good cleaning, I don’t know if I would have gone. I was very disappointed and would never recommend this resort for the value. There are far nicer options out there! If you do happen to travel to this resort, don’t forget your insect repellant!

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