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This was the 6th visit to this resort Brisas Guardalavaca and the first time I ran into this manager.. The manager at the hotel has only been there for under 2 years. The employees who work under his supervision are not happy. If they miss there lunch doing other work for the hotel they do not eat. If they are asked to work late they do not get paid though many of the staff have no choice or they will loose there jobs. Many of the staff remembered my family they gave us a warm welcome. They could not believe what was happening to us by this manager. I guarantee that this resort under the current management will continue to collapse in ratings. Our first 4 vacations to this resort were great the hotel was rated at 5 star plus. The last time it was 4 star 2 years ago. This last visit 3 star I never called the hotel until this time because I was not aware of calling ahead until they brought it to my attention on my last visit.

What we received from the hotel is not what I had requested for in the vacation request: 1: Hotel room >> Not a Villa 2: 2 Single Beds and one 5-foot long portable folding bed (Cot) When dropped off in front of the resort Brisas Guardalavaca Villa Registration with the Sunquest information session letter provided by Sunquest Representative Ernesto on the Bus from the Airport. When we went to the Check-in reception at the resort, the admin could not confirm our reservations, as she explained we did not exist on the list. I then showed her the confirmation letter from Sunquest. She proceeded to call the Customer Relations Manager Angeline for the resort. The Customer Relations Manager requested that we go to the hotel reception, as I was disgusted in the treatment I was receiving at the Villa reception. At the hotel reception, the Customer Relations Manager Angeline explained the resort was over booked and there was No Villa’s available. There would be one available on Tuesday or Wednesday. Angeline suggested taking the hotel room she had arranged for us until then. Having No choice but to except Angeline’s excuse for the over booking of the resort. She explained if we would accept the offer for the hotel room, she would request from the manager a letter recommending reimbursement from Sunquest for the vacation/hotel. Angeline also would include a bottle of RUM and VIP service (WHICH WAS NEVER RECEIVED) I immediately contacted Ernesto (Sunquest representative). Ernesto spoke to Angeline over the phone at the hotel. Soon after, Ernesto came to the hotel lobby where he explained in English that he had confirmed our reservation with the hotel upon receipt. I explained to Angeline that I contacted Isabel Reservation Manager, as per the hotel manager’s instructions. The previous hotel manager suggested after booking your next vacation. Call ahead before traveling, as we were repeat customers this was our fifth visit to the same resort. I called Isabel and explained all above. Isabel asked if we have preference of Villa’s as they were all available. I explained to Isabel as I recall there were 2 Villas with partial ocean view either would be nice to have the only preference we had is to be placed on the top floor. I had Isabel repeat my request she repeated all accordingly. Isabel came to the lobby to assist Angeline; Isabel verified all the statements made above with Ernesto present. They then apologized for the inconvenience and explained this was an over booking error and will be corrected ASAP.

Angeline then requested to please take the room she has had prepared until Tuesday or Wednesday. I explained to Angeline that if we have to unpack, repack, and unpack that will take time out minimum 1 day out of our 7-day vacation. After talking to my family, we decided to remain in the hotel, as long as were going to be reimbursed for our inconvenience, and downgrade from Villa to Hotel room. After talking to a few families from the GTA staying in the hotel, each family paid a range of $1000 to $1200 per person Taxes & Surcharges included compared to our $1686 per person Taxes & Surcharges included. Last minute travelers paid $650 to $800 per person Taxes & Surcharges included.

Angeline and Ernesto both agreed this was a fare request. Angeline spoke on behalf of her manager and said he will provide a letter of confirmation and sign it for me on Monday 12:30 pm. A copy of the letter to be given to us; the original would be forwarded with Ernesto’s report to Sunquest. We went to the room designated to us room 510 in the Hotel. We were disgusted in the condition of the room example: two towels, not dusted or cleaned, water glasses were not changed, and two beds and one folding cot bed. Filled with anger and disgust I went down and asked to speak Angeline, I explained to Angeline the room situation she apologized and went into an office she shortly came out of the office. Angeline then assured us the room will be clean as it should have been before entering the room, and the bed replaced immediately. The time was approximately 3:30 pm I went back to the room and explained the situation to my family. Once more, we accepted the terms we went for lunch, afterwards stayed in the shade and watched others enjoy their vacation. At 7:00 pm we returned to the room and again nothing was completed the room was not cleaned the bed was not replaced. I called Ernesto once more he called the reception desk and then called me back. Once again, I went down to the reception desk spoke to a hotel representative. The clerk had NO orders from Angeline or anyone else to prepare the room. This representative immediately contacted cleaning staff who then went up to the room while we were having dinner, cleaned the room, changed bed sheets, towels, water glasses. I thanked the clerk once we returned to our room 9:30pm, the clerk kindly explained they do not have a spare bed to place into the room. We had been up without unpacking, resting, shower, and tired from a long unforgettable experience. We unpacked our luggage and changed into attire that is more comfortable. We had a family argument at 11:30 pm lasted until 2:00 pm. I had packed all our clothing in anger. All I wanted to do at this time was get on the next plane out of this country.

The next day after a rough night woke up unpacked and we all took a walk. Monday 12:30 pm, I left my wife by the pool and went to the Customer Relations Office to retrieve the letter that was to be ready for me. Customer Relations Lady had NO idea what I was talking about, I explained to her what Angeline had said, her response “I have NO idea”. I then asked if the Hotel Manager was in, she replied, “he is always here”, I requested to speak to him and Angeline who as I found out that day was going to be in a 3:00 pm. The time is 3:00 pm excused my self from my wife and friends made at the resort. I proceeded to the Customer Relations Office Angeline has not yet arrived and the manager was in a meeting. I went up to the room to find the bed had not been replaced as of yet, I called Ernesto again to meet me at the Customer Relations Office.

The time now is 4:30 pm I then exited the room and went Customer Relations Office where I seen Angeline, I explained to her that after all we have been through I did not expect to be lied too. Angeline replied, “I did not lie to you, and I have been in this position for many years. I do not appreciate you calling me a liar”. Then the hotel manager came in and started talking in Cuban to the Angeline and the other woman in the office. The manger explained that we have to respect each other here or this meeting will end. I explained the situation to the hotel manager who then with Angeline placed the blame on Isabel, changing the issue to sound like Isabel misunderstood and request the hotel room in place of the Villa. Then Ernesto came into the office at this point I was so angry I could no longer focus. I explained to the manager if Isabel misunderstood me then why was the room in the condition we had found it in the manager turned to the two women spoke in Cuban again. I also explained to the manager what Angeline had promised the room the beds would be corrected immediately, and a letter signed by the manger for us to receive compensation for this error. The manager spoke in Cuban to the women and said, “We do not give letters to the public the letter will be filed at the hotel”. The manager turned to Ernesto “there will be a Villa available shortly if the Lupo family would like pack and move to the Villa”. I replied, “I will be willing to move to the Villa if you can have my clothing and luggage packed and unpacked from the Hotel to the Villa while I enjoy my vacation. I refuse to loose another day of my vacation”. The manager replied, “So you are refusing the Villa” I replied, “No I am refusing to loose another day of my vacation to pack and unpack”. The manager then turned to Ernesto and spoke in Cuban he will file a letter to reimburse the Lupo family 100% for this vacation.

I told Ernesto I refuse to believe that Isabel was the cause of the error. Ernesto agreed. Sometime Tuesday morning after 11:00 am, the bed was replaced with a single bed. We then continued with what ever was left of our spoiled vacation. In closing this was the worst 7-day vacation I have ever had. I am requesting complete reimbursement

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