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i have ben going to this hotel for 8 years now and go 2 times a year the people a super the hotel is clean the food is cuba but you can find food for everyone.the manager rhol the coffy bar girl yammi the anamation rolly-frogy-and the girls a super your looking for a good time this is the place.i fell in love with this place 9 years ago and made it my second santa-lucia there a 4 hotels and by far this is the best one.the only one one in santa-lucia i would recomend.over the years the girls that work there told me they enjoy getting gifts but the best thing you can bring them is medacation soap bars had and sun cream ex..advil.cough sirop.ear drops- eye drops eny kind of over the counter medacation,kotex,tampax,it get very cold at night sometimes in the rainy times so the need long shirts,jeans,used ofcorse,sun glasses,old scuba,stuff,baby shoes,ect..oh and for a treat the love penut butter.for 11 bucks phone call to there hotel ask to talk or book with andrea at the front desk and you will have your room number before you get there so no rush when you get off the bus.and 100% you will get one of the best rooms.and last if you want excelent lobster ask one of the male dancers rury and it will be the best meal and chep to.tell them i sent you my name is (odel) and you will have the best service in cuba .so enjoy have fun and remenber what happens in cuba stays in cuba.

Room Number:
321-221 -111

Room Block:
3 -2-1

Arrival: like i said for a few canadien bucks calling after you have your booking number and when you get off the bus no need to run to the front loby to get the best room .you will allready have your room number so sit down relax have a drink and remenber to give andra the front gril a small time 5 bucks go a long way.they will remenber you for the hole week.

since i have been going there for 9 years now i had a chance to see all the hotels in santa-lucia and by far this is the best hotel and the best rooms.and the cleaning staff is so nice enything you ask you will get.

Restaurants and Bars:
at the man restaurant where you can have your 3 meals is very clean good food and the a la carte well they are 5 star service and remenber your in cuba not canada so the food you have can be repeted in the 2 week stay.but allwas frech alwas good.if you are a little fussy like me i bring my own salade dressing and little packs or ketchup-mustered-relish-viniger-and little squar`s of peanut butter to give to them and of corse my my hubby.but all in all the rstaurents a very good.better then the other hotels.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: wow the is so clean they work day and night to clean it and the have a special tractor to pick up the green stuff,you can find a little man there every day in the water named roberto he has 7 kids and pick sea shells for you all day.he is in need of scuba glasses and sun lotion

the pool is alwas clean and was painted last year so no fear that it will be closed.the grounds are wow to die for clean pretty and every day the grouds men are working to make it nicer

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
at the hotel allday around the pool and beach there is something to do and all theyout of hotel trip are so cool ..the specialone that will blow you away and take your heart is the camaway trip seeing wow they live see there markets and visit the better side of cuba is realy cool.again bring little gift with you soap bars had and sun cream its a must .they dont want cash they need medacation .they dont pay for doctor but the must buy there medacation and it is very expensive for them so they go without.

Other Comments:
on the beach many men and women ask for stuff not cash clothing medacation but beware.of the cigar guys because most of them you cant bring the out of cuba so but them at the hotel lobby to bring to canada.if the dont have the paper in the box on the beach dont buy them the dont will see in your stay that canadiens and quebec are there favorit people .why cause we tip.people think that going to the main restaurent you dont need to tip.well 2 bucks per meal will get you a table saved every day they will remenber your name and what you like to drink and you will have the best service you evey had.remenber these people work sometime 14 days with going home they sleep at the hotel get 10 bucks a month so tips help them out so much and there service they give you is so worth it.and when the place is full you will see that they had kept a table for you buy putting there own towls or jackets on the chaires to keep a table for you .so again please tip them.and you will see what i mean. and there mono is what happens in cuba stays in cuba.hahah have fun.p.s. take it from me no other hotel on the beach is worth goig to no matter what the travile agent tells you after 9 years belive me i know.

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