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My husband and I just returned from 5 days at Brisas Trinidad del Mar. We had a great time. The beach, like all beaches in Cuba, was beautiful and the water was clear and warm. The resort was also beautiful; the video accurately portrays it…except it’s better in real life. Since the resort is on a peninsula, nearly every room has a view of the water from the balcony, (but for peace and quiet, avoid rooms facing onto the central entertainment area.) The rooms were spacious and conveniently furnished, but a little worn. However, they were clean, and our cleaning lady swept, washed and dried the floors every day. The staff was helpful. I’m a picky eater, and was able to eat healthily there. Some vegetables were canned, but there were always fresh options. Cuban meat and dairy products are organic, from free-range, grass-fed animals, and the milk, yogurt and ice cream tasted so much better than what we get in Canada. My favorite of the 3 restaurants was the outdoor "Cuban restaurant" with a palm thatched roof and live music (2 female vocalists and classical guitar.) All-inclusive bars were scattered across the resort, some on the beach. My favorite -with the best pina coladas- was on the west side near the gym, where Rudy tended bar. The 24 hour bar/snack bar made good espresso and cappuccino (cafĂ© con leche). We rented a scooter (40 CUCs for 2 days -about CAN $45) and loved the freedom it gave us, on our own time, to visit the countryside, a nature reserve, a fishing village and Trinidad city. I thought it was too risky to rent a scooter at first, but we heard from other guests there wasn’t much traffic and there was lots of passing room on the roads. It was interesting to drive on roads shared by bicycles, scooters, dogs, cows, horse-drawn carriages, vintage cars from the 50’s and 60’s, old army trucks, and wagons pulled by tractors being used as buses. 5 days wasn’t enough. I’d have liked another day there to take a catamaran for snorkeling on the reef.

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Clean, spacious, attractive, somewhat worn, good view.

Restaurants and Bars:
Friendly servers. Lots of options at buffet. Always able to find something I liked. Orange juice fresh squeezed as you wait. Cuban restaurant was best for ambiance and the food and service were good too.

Clean, well maintained, attractive.

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