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Bruzón  (Not Rated)

Calle Bruzón nro 217 e/ Boyeros y Pozo Dulce, Plaza, Havana, Cuba

"I like it"
Posted by: Jonathan on Nov 2, 2014
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Judging from the reviews online before I visited from this place, I had mixed feelings but I had to go anyways and I wouldn’t say it was a 100% but it was just there. First of all let me say that Cuba is a great place to go vacationing and I would definitely come back again so I didn’t really enjoy the hotel per say but it was good enough for me to stay in throughout my holiday in Havana. I stayed in this hotel for about 7 days and I loved every bit of it. They have excellent housekeeping services so my room was always clean. The entire hotel as well was clean throughout my stay in the hotel. The breakfast here was very good and delicious and enjoyed it. I was really feeling the location but I had no choice because it was late hour booking. I was a bit scared of going out in the evening as one of the staff member advised I be careful so I don’t get mugged. It was a nice place all in all I would come back for another vacation here. The rooms were clean and the beds where comfortable, had good view and I enjoyed it. The staff was great, very friendly and was always eager to help you out if you need any questions answered or need tips to guide you around the area. I especially loved the breakfast menu that included fruits, eggs and meat and I looked forward to it every morning.

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The Bruzón hotel is that kind of place that would “force” you to extend our vacation for at least a few more days. It is located in the great part of the city, which gives you the chance to go anywhere you want and yet everything is so close. I have picked this hotel for a romantic vacation with my girlfriend (now wife). Everything that we needed to buy outside the hotel, was so close that we didn’t need to use public transport. I’m glad that we have made the right choice when it comes to the hotel issue because that was a crucial part of our vacation. When we first arrived at the airport, I was a bit disappointed because the airport needs renovation. But I didn’t let that moment ruin my vacation. When we arrived at the hotel I was pleasantly surprised by the view. It was a decent building with white color. It could be easily seen that the hygiene standards are really high because everything was so clean. From the lobby and above. The room was clean and all the features we’re working fine so we didn’t have any issues with the air-conditioning or Tv. The view from the room was also great so we were enjoying in that part of the room. I will always remember this hotel and especially that room, because my girlfriend said yes to my marriage proposal. When the employees find out they give us cake as a gift from the Bruzón hotel. That was a nice gesture from them. Because of all this me and my wife had the vacation from our dreams. I would personally recommend the Bruzón hotel because it has a lot to offer. It is located in a nice place, it has greater hygiene standards, the employees are really nice and welcoming, all the features are working perfectly fine and the price is really affordable if you have in mind all of the things mentioned above. So if you have a chance to give this hotel a chance, I’m sure that it won’t let you down.

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