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Just wanted to let those who may be interested in this tour, our experience.Tour was 60.00 each (u.s.) for approx 3 hours. We boarded rite in front of the boating/seadoo activity centre. The boat itself, wow. I have never been on a "shrimp" boat before, it was pretty cool. Great upper deck to take photo’s from or just relax and enjoy the view of the resort and shoreline from the water side. They had a never ending supply of refreshments and once we had taken off, the nets came down. I would like to think there were down an hour, but maybe not as long. Then out came the "yellow gowns" of the evening :). Meaning the yellow rain suits so that if you wanted, you could help bring up the nets. My husband chose too along with others.Well this is when the really neat stuff happened. Up came the nets, then dumped rite on deck. The crew, who were a really great bunch, picked through everthing so we could see. We caught two 2 ft sharks, sting ray, eel, jelly fish gallore, star fish that some kept, squid, lobster, crabs – both the kind we are used to eating and also the little sand crabs (what i call them) and they were scootin all over the deck, and two full coolers full of shrimp! I’d say they were longer than 6 inches each! So off to the frying pay they went and must say very delicious! We even caught a "jewel of the sea" which i have been trying to locate on the web with no luck so far. Very pretty little piece tho.

After that wonderful experience (and i do not fish) swabbing the deck (and again thank gawd for the staff we sailed back in with a beautiful sunset.

Must say, if you have never done this before and wanted to give it a try, i would so recommend it! anyway, just wanted to share our experience.

Lynnb it sounds like that was SOOO COOL!!! That would be something that I think would be fun.Is this a large operation or small and locally owned and operated?? Although panama is still a ways down on my list of places to visit, that little side trip you did sounds like a lot of fun. Something I wish I could do tomorrow!! ;D ;DThanks for sharing, it was fun to read!


Hey Deputy, it was awesome! From what i had gathered, the "captain" of this boat also owned a little restaurant/bar in the village of Farallon (walking distance from the resort). We did try to get there one day, but it wasn’t open, so thinking it opened at 5. Unfortunately we never got back there. The captain was saying that they do 50,000 a year in shrimping. There is a "chain" of events, from himself and other boats, then ship the shrimp off to shrimp farms where i guess they grow and then off to market. Anyway, yes, if they are still running i would suggest giving it a try "once". I can’t wait to print off the pic’s although i’m sure it will not be the same.

P.S. I’m confident you will luv Panama when you get to it on your list

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