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I booked what was supposed to be my dream vacation to this place. The place does not even have a hotel lobby! When we first arrived, the place was creepy, dirty, and desolate. When I called the hotel’s phone number, it actually rings the owner’s cell phone. If you’re lucky, he’ll answer the phone (very rare, because he’s always "surfing"). He claimed there were renovations going on, but after talking to a local resident, we came to find out that there were NO renovations going on, the irresponsible owner just tells that to customers. The place is simply A DUMP. We paid for a week, and only stayed 1 and a half nights here. They refused to refund ANY of our money, despite the AC not working, and it rained and the WHOLE room got flooded (my computer got damaged from the water), and there is NO HOUSEKEEPING at this hotel and the sheets looked and smelled as if they were never changed. Such a waste of money, and a huge disappointment. Don’t waste your money at this dumpy place!!! Also, the claim to be ocean view? The view from our room was that of A GAS STATION. If you look hard enough, past the gas station and 99% obstructed view, you can see a TINY part of the ocean in the FAR distance. The way they advertise this hotel is COMPLETELY MISLEADING. Save yourself the aggravation and DO NOT STAY HERE!

Worst hotel experience I EVER had!

Arrival: There is no lobby nor front desk personnel. The owner is almost never on the premises. The phone number to the hotel is his cell phone, which he never answers because he’s always surfing.

What is supposed to be the lobby is dark, desolate, and empty; except for the stray dogs all over the place.

Dirty and smelly + NO HOUSEKEEPING.

Restaurants and Bars:
The restaurant NEVER has any customers and there is only a single person running it. I can’t imagine any of that food would be fresh or safe to eat…I wasn’t about to chance it.

No pool, and stray dogs running all around the desolate hotel "lobby"

Other Comments:
It’s a dump. Spend your money elsewhere.

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