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My husband and I will be staying at the Fantasy Island resort in Feb. Just wondering if anyone travelled on the local bus into the town of Coxen Hole? If so, how was your experience.I have heard many stories of cab drivers charging an arm and a leg for their services. Just wondering if anyone here felt like they got "ripped off" with a cab ride. What sort of prices have people been paying to get from FI to Coxen Hole?Also, in regards to shopping in Coxen Hole…..we are looking for vendors with small stores (almost like an open air market atmosphere) to buy souveniers. Can anyone advise as to where in Coxen Hole we would find shops like that?Thanks
We were there a year ago this week, staying at Fantasy Island. We would walk to the main road (10 minutes) and wait for either a local bus or a minibus to drive by in the direction of Coxen Hole. This is where the cruise ship dock and you don’t want to be there on those days, lol….when 3000 people disembark……its shoulder to shoulder people. The white minibuses charge about $5.00 US from the main road at FI to Coxen Hole. If you do go on Cruise Ship day, there will be lots of white minibuses headed that way to pick up passengers getting off the ship. They charge $25 for a tour of the island….a good deal. Fantasy Island also offers a "shopping afternoon" for $5.00 dollars and their own minibus takes you to Coxen Hole and West End for shopping….you just sign up for it at the front desk.

Coxen Hole is door to door shops from the water up to several blocks into the town. The shops further away from the water are cheaper. Its fun just to roam around and explore. There was a 10 year old boy who approached us, waving a discount coupon for a store that was several blocks away. We went with him and got bargains galore. He gave us a walking tour of the town and spoke very good English. He took us past his school which was closed that day for whatever reason. He was very happy with the $5.00 we gave him for his tour. They have wonderful souvenirs….their woodwork (bowls) are beautiful. I have Christmas ornaments on my tree this year from Roatan that are such a lovely memory of our trip there. West End also has some very quaint stores and the Duty Free shop is really cheap. West End’s main street isn’t paved….just hard packed sand. The beach is beautiful and the people are warm and friendly. You’ll love it.

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