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mra 2012-10-17 23:06:25 UTC #1

I have been following a thread on the Punta Cana forum in regards to the availability of purchasing the Tourist Card on-line.

This question pertains to the POP Airport…

For those CANADIANS who have to purchase their Tourist Card & have flown with SUNWING /SIGNATURE in the last month or so … …did you use this feature?

… was it readily acceptable at the POP Airport

(we’re traveling in 27 days!)

bobfromcanada 2012-10-18 10:27:41 UTC #2

It was just one more stop in the lineup for the immigration booths. You gave the guy $10 and got the card. Then you went through immigration as normal. Once you cleared, another guy collected the card on your way to wait for your luggage to arrive on the carousel …

bobk 2012-10-18 11:18:50 UTC #3

Yes the airport in Puerto Plata will accept the online cards.


mra 2012-10-18 14:08:04 UTC #4

BFC…yes, I understand all that. We’ve been to the D.R. enough times now to know what takes place. But it’s the first time in many years that we have to purchase our Tourist Card upon arrival…yes, we are going Sunwing /Signature! So if we can save a few steps, that would be even better !!

I am just wanting to know from fellow CANADIANS who have done it, how well it worked.

bobk…thanks !

bobfromcanada 2012-10-18 14:57:30 UTC #5

Ruth I understand that totally. There’s already too many lineups and forms to fill out on travel day. I’m pretty sure it’s there but I couldn’t find a link for on-line purchases by Canadians, but I did find one for residents of the UK. The price quoted there was 10 pounds which is far more than 10 dollars. If you purchase online is the cost truly $10? Even when I charge that to my credit card, I know the c.c. people will charge me an extra fee to convert $US to $CDN.

Can you provide the link for that online purchase? It might be of interest to members that are willing to pay a small premium in order to save a few steps.

mra 2012-10-18 19:00:34 UTC #6

Bob…here is the link for buying the Tourist Card on-line :

I just ordered & printed off 3 Tourist Cards for our upcoming trip in 26 days. Very easy! As to whether or not I’ll be charged a fee to convert to $US…probably ! But I will be charged a fee anyway when I am buying my $US at the bank to take with me…so it works out about the same.

Reminder…this is only for those WHO HAVE TO purchase their DR Tourist Card at point of entry !!

bobfromcanada 2012-10-18 23:25:45 UTC #7

Perfect. Thanks. BTW, have a great trip.

The one I’ve been tracking and hoped would come down in price just went up $50/person today …

mra 2012-10-19 02:25:14 UTC #8

You’re welcome! This up-coming trip (Nov 14-21) is a bit of an extra for us this year. We’ll be home for a few weeks & then off to Punta Cana in January.

fike90 2012-10-24 14:09:17 UTC #9

Hola: Have a great trip. We will be at Dreams La Romana 11/7 to 11/17. We are buying our tourist cards online also. It will just save an extra step during the commotion of disembarking.

Mike & Cyndie – The Maineacs

bobfromcanada 2012-10-24 14:57:28 UTC #10

Well, I was a skeptic, but …
It’s $10US, there are no service charges or handling fees, it’s online and you just print it out on your own printer and present it at immigration. Sounds like the way to go to me …

hlywud 2012-10-24 18:51:08 UTC #11

Great for those who do not have the Tourist cards provided by the airlines.

bobfromcanada 2012-10-24 19:43:47 UTC #12

Great for those who do not have the Tourist cards provided by the airlines.

For Canadians, that would ONLY be for Signature/Sunwing packages. If you buy it and don’t need it, there are no refunds …

mra 2012-11-19 15:08:14 UTC #13

Hi everyone…we used our printed on-line Tourist Card in POP…no problems. Hubby & I were first in line to get passports stamped after TC was scanned…perfect !!

drwoman 2012-11-19 16:39:45 UTC #14

Hi everyone…we used our printed on-line Tourist Card in POP…no problems. Hubby & I were first in line to get passports stamped after TC was scanned…perfect !!

You must have flown Sunwing or one of its affiliates, otherwise they TC are supplied.

mra 2012-11-20 00:48:05 UTC #15

scotflower…yes we did fly Sunwing. And yes, I know about other Tour Operators including both those fees in their prices.

But what I am trying to get across is…it was simple to pay for on-line & print off AND it was very easy to use once we got to the Airport!

system 2013-03-30 13:40:31 UTC #16

hi,… i am new member in this forum site.

any one tell me what is the tourist card?

bobfromcanada 2013-03-30 14:30:23 UTC #17

[quote=@steevennsmithh]hi,… i am new member in this forum site. any one tell me what is the tourist card?[/quote]

Hi. Welcome to the forums. For all practical purposes, it costs $10US to get into the country and $20US to leave. Depending on who you are flying with and from where, one or both may be included in your fare (or not).

There’s a pretty good discussion of the tourist card, departure tax and paperwork associated with entry and exit in our FAQ.

edit: new links May 19, 2016

Tourist Cards and Departure Taxes Explained

Data reviewed Apr 30, 2011. Data updated Sept 11, 2012.

Tourist Card

newest Additional form to be filled out on entrance and exit in additional to the original blue forms [image]

romanok.tetiana 2016-05-19 16:34:44 UTC #18

Hello, thank you beforehand for your reply.
I am from Ukraine, this year we decided to visit DR. As I have already read it is not necessary to receive visa for Ukrainians, but maybe we should arrange any additional documents on our arrival to DR? I have heard about touristic card, Could somebody tell me about it? How much does it cost? And could we buy it online from Ukraine? Or only on our arrival to airport of DR?

bobfromcanada 2016-05-19 17:36:28 UTC #19

As I pointed out in my ‘old’ post, it still costs $10 US for the tourist card and $20 US departure tax. A lot of the package holidays from North America include one or both in the package pricing. That’s unlikely in your case. As for when to buy the tourist card, it’s a toss-up. You can buy one on-line, but it’s easy to buy one at the airport when you arrive. There will be a booth and a line-up on your way to immigration. It doesn’t take very long. You won’t have it in your possession for very long. Likely someone will collect it from you within a few minutes of purchase.
The links in my old post refer to the old forum, but it should be easy to find in the new forum. I should try to update them.

edit: old links removed, new ones added.

romanok.tetiana 2016-05-23 17:08:16 UTC #20

Thank you a lot for your reply Bob, I think we will do like you said and buy the card at the moment of our arrival to DR. Maybe you can advice something that can be useful at the moment of our arrival to DR? May there be any problems?

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