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Carretera Central Este km. 4 ½, Reparto Jayamá. Camagüey

"Don’t miss it"
Posted by: Darren on Nov 2, 2014
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Nos dieron una habitación que daba a la piscina, ésta tenía la música puesta a todo volumen, por lo cual pedimos que se nos cambiara de habitación. Así se hizo y nos dieron una que aunque entraba olor a comida el ruido era mucho menor. Cual fue nuestra sorpresa cuando a las 7 p.m. la música estaba altísima. Fuimos a preguntar y nos dijeron que como había llegado un autocar de turistas habían decidido abrir hasta las 12 h. de la noche un bar que teníamos justo debajo de la habitación. Además el reuido del aparato de aire acondicionado también era infernal.

La limpieza es un tema pendiente en toda la isla y en todos los hoteles.

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The Camagüey hotel is a great location if you want a quiet place to relax from the intense every day life. I have decided to visit this location with my wife. The idea about this hotel came from a friend of mine who have visited this hotel a year ago and he had a great time. So I said why not? – It might be a nice place with quiet surroundings close to the central area. And this hotel was exactly that kind of place. Me and my wife, both had a really nice time there. The flight to Cuba is a bit long (we were traveling from Canada) but it is not something that bothers me so much. The traffic in Cuba is very bad, lucky that I didn’t rent a car. The hotel is very nice. Even when you look it from outside it gives you a feeling of comfort and pleasure. The employees are really nice people, always there to help you no matter which time of the night and day it is. We had a room with nice view and balcony (my wife thought that the balcony was too small but that is just a personal opinion). All the equipment that was installed in our room was functional and in great condition. We only had issues with the water because sometimes it happened the hot water to be gone. And that lasted at least an hour or two. Next to us was a young couple and we asked them if they have the same situation, but it seems that we were the only ones with that issue. All in all this is a nice place to relax and enjoy in the vacation. There is a nice lobby where you can drink tea or play cards (like we used to) and it is always clean. So if we have in mind the facts that this place have excellent location, great employees and nice food than the price is really affordable. So I would recommend the Camagüey hotel to every person that wants a calm and quiet vacation in Cuba.

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The location of this hotel is just perfect because it is located centrally and close to almost everything you want. Despite the fact that it is located centrally, the area was quiet which is basically one of the most important things I consider when searching for hotels while on vacation in any country. I need a different setting from the hustle and bustle of city life and this place afforded me that luxury. I had a medium sized room with balcony with a nice neat bathroom and basic amenities. Hot water was running and the housekeeping was great. I loved the view from the restaurant as it is located on the top floor and the meals served here are very delicious. I stayed here for just 4 days and went on my merry way. The place is not fancy at all in my opinion just okay, a bit shabby but you will get what you want. The beds in the rooms are comfortable and the air condition was in good working condition as well so I didn’t have to deal with any technical faults. Although I had second thoughts before staying in this hotel due to some not so encouraging reviews on this hotel, I went ahead and decided to try it myself and be the judge. The services rendered here are all okay, they have a friendly staff that was extremely helpful during my stay and I think I may come back if find myself in this part of the country again.

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