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it is good advice and in addition something simple is to label your memory cards. I do with my town, province and cellphone #. That way if the camera does go missing at least the memories might find their way back to us. Also label in the battery compartment…..

Those are good ideas, you must have very small writing.

label maker on small print works fine

That’s a very nicely MacGyvered rig that Steve came up with, it’s simple, cheap and it works.My style/manner of shooting is different from Steve (and most people) though so the tether is not necessary for me. I use a fairly compact Micro Four Thirds camera or a super small Point & Shoot that’s either secured to my hand with a strong wrist strap or (in the case of Micro 4/3) it’s in my camera bag that secured in front of me or (in the case of the P & S) it’s in my front pocket.The way I shoot (never with a neck strap or unattached to me) means that my camera is rarely in harm’s way.Cheers,Terry

Another good trick to identify your camera is to leave your contact info protected (non erasable) on the first frame of your memory card.

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