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Maceo 67, Plaza del Gallo, Camagüey, Cuba

"It is ok"
Posted by: Lisa on Nov 2, 2014
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The Camino de Hierro hotel is one of the best places to be in this city. I have decided to visit this country with my husband and I’m not sorry at all. It was one of the nicest vacations in my entire life. This is the second time I go to Cuba, but first time in this city. To be honest, I didn’t know much about the hotel and the location, but I heard from friends that it was nice. And now I can confirm that is more than nice place. It is an awesome hotel. When we arrived at the airport, I thought that we are going to travel a lot but I was so wrong. After a while we arrived at the hotel. Even from outside the hotel looks great and gives some sort of excitement. It is a typical Cuban architecture and that is the reason more why I like it. The employees are very polite and welcoming. They are always there for you no matter which part of the day and night it is. That is a very positive thing. The rooms are clean and big enough to fit all your stuff, so you don’t have to bother about that either. The toilet is clean and there is always a hot water available to you and the other roommates that you have (in case you have of course). All the features installed in the room are working excellent so we didn’t have any issue with the temperature or anything like that. The only negative thing at the Camino de Hierro hotel is that on the balcony there is always dust from the street no matter how hard the personnel is working to keep the hygiene standards. So all in all this is a very nice place to stay no matter if you travel alone or with family / friends. There is always something that you can do. And after all, the purpose of the visit is to explore the country, not to stay in the room all the time isn’t it? I would recommend the Camino de Hierro hotel to all of you that plan to stay in this city at least one night.

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The only thing I can say I don’t like about this hotel is the fact that it was pretty noisy which was a no but every other thing was great. My room was great, it was clean as housekeeping was regular and daily, and beds were comfortable for me except for the noise coming from all the traffic and square. The dining was great and I enjoyed the meals served. I think the only problem that would make me not come back here while on vacation because I need a peaceful and quiet place to relax would be the noise coming from the square and the hotel is located there. The services from the reception staff as a bit slow but was efficient and the other staff I met, I was impressed by how caring and reassuring they were about the noise. I didn’t stay long here because I couldn’t stand the noise and I needed somewhere quiet I could relax and spend the rest of my holiday so I left on the third day. Every other thing in this hotel was great, the rooms are clean and spacious, they have comfortable and soft beds and the housekeeping service was efficient as well. There was hot water and bathroom was clean. The room had the basic amenities that I needed and everything was in working condition. The hotel is chic but for those who would want to visit here, here is a tip, go for the rooms on the second floor, I think they are less noisy.

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