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January 2005

Travel Period: Jan 19 – 26/05 Hotel: Omni Cancun Hotel & Villas – Cancun Mexico Option(s): All Inclusive Travel Experience: Visited 7 all inclusive destinations in Mexico & Dominican Republic and a trip to Hawaii.

We booked our trip to Cancun through Signature Vacations and Skyservice airline. In short this was a disaster. We waited on the tarmack for 4 hours while they de-iced the wings and attended to a minor mechancial malfunction. The Skyservice plane sat in the airport for two days prior and was covered with ice when we got there. They had ample time to do their de-icing earlier and for some reason didn’t. We were not allowed to leave the plane and during the course of waiting they ran the heat only once for 10 minutes or so during the 4 hours. It was around -20 C outside, and as you can appreciate without heat, the aircraft became very cold. Flimsy blankets were insufficient to provide any warmth and we were not provided food or coffee. During our return we had to deplane on the tarmack because Skyservice won’t pay to have the load ramp connecting from the terminal. Enough said, I think you get the picture.

Hotel: Signature Vacations rates the hotel as a 5 star and this was something we grappled with all week. It had aspects of a 5 star rating but also some of 4.5 or 4. I’ll summarize our opinion at the end of the review.

The lobby of the hotel for a 5 star rating is quite unimpressive compared other places we’ve been at which were rated lower. Don’t get me wrong its functional but definitely not striking. We asked for ocean view rooms when we booked but weren’t available when we got there. We asked them to switch twice thereafter but were told it wasn’t possible as the hotel was full. We didn’t quite buy it, but not a huge deal.

The Hotel is well situated within the hotel strip and bus service is easily accessible and cheap to visit down town for shopping or check out restaurants & bars and other amenities Cancun has to offer.

We went with the all inclusive plan and worth it. To give an example, we ate at the a la carte restaurant Da Vinci’s (great atmosphere) and if we would have paid cash, the bill would have been $198 US for two people. Good but way over priced.

Rooms: In our opinion the rooms were not 5 star quality at all, likely a 4. They were very musty but you must remember you’re in a tropical destination and humidity is high so you have to expect it but it did seem more extreme than other hotels. The beds are rock hard but we managed to get a good rest in them. There is a bar fridge, however, it is not included in the all inclusive plan which we felt is a mistake by the hotel and should rethink this. You can order anything you want from room service or bring things up from downstairs for free but in your fridge you have to pay.

Food: We are not picky eaters and in short we thought the food was excellent. A good variety at the buffet. A decent meal (but not spectacular) at the speciality restaurant. This hotel has free room service and you could have your breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening snacks brought right to your room. This was unbelievable. The quality was impeccable. In fact, I ordered a filet steak and it came up hot and I could have cut it with a fork. We also ate pasta and chicken dishes through out the week and all were great, to the point where we didn’t want go elsewhere but did for variety sake. I should also mention that you could order your lunches/snacks right at your pool or beach lounger. Another great touch. Having breakfast and lunch at the Pina Colada beachside restaurant overlooking the ocean was fabulous. Drinks were plentiful and a wide variety and were always brought with a happy smile or treated the same way when you picked them up the bars yourself. One thing you have to do is sign for every drink or food you order even if you are on the all inclusive plan. This is a pain and it slows you down, however, they probably have good reason for it but its something they should review.

Ocean and beach: Oustanding! Beautiful soft, cool white sand with turquoise color Caribbean water. It couldn’t get better. No real problem with beach chairs or palapas but you do have to play the towel game. We did not stay by the pool (which is large) as the beach/ocean beckoned us.

Entertainment: There are day time pool activities but are not very prevalent at this hotel and not many people participate. Ku Ku’s Jaccuzi Bar by the beach is a fun spot during happy hour and a great place to meet other people. In the evening the lobby bar provides some good entertainment with karokee before the lounge act starts which we thought were a little weak but they did their best. There are no evenings shows at this hotel so if you like that sort of thing you’ll have to go elsewhere. Other resorts we’ve been at had much more to offer in this area.

Summary: I can’t give enough complements about the service and staff at this hotel. As I said earlier, it has conflicting aspects to warrant a 5 star rating but considering the room service, service in general, food quality, ocean and beach, a 5 star would seem appropriate.

Would we go back to this hotel? In a heartbeat, and would recommend it to anyone.

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