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In one word, my stay in this hotel was fun and I will recommend it to anybody looking for accommodation in this wonderful city of Matanzas. I had a pleasant stay here as I was around for about 7 days in March 2014, came here on vacation and needed something as nice as this place. Don’t get me started on the cheap price of things here starting from the room payment to every other service rendered. I can say that the place is well managed and has great value, it is not your typical five star hotels but you will get what you paid for. The place is not even far from the beach and has a wonderful setting as well. The staff was super amazing, so very friendly and helpful, whatever you need, and they attend to you with smiles which made communication easier even though my Spanish was rusty. It’s a great bargain so I will recommend it to anyone who is interested. The rooms are great, the air condition in mine was working perfectly and there was hot water running, what can I say, I am that lucky. They have a nice pool which I usually visit during my stay. The location is just perfect as it is very close to the Varadero airport. I will say though that the rooms are not so spacious but I made do with what I have considering how much I was paying for it. They have lovely staff, perfect location and great customer service. I will come back here again.

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