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dani11 Guest Hello,Has anyone here flown with CanJet airlines before? I’m flying to Cuba out of Toronto in a couple weeks, and i’m curious about anyone’s experiences with this airline.


We had a good experience with them last March. Great crew!

We just returned this past Monday from El Salvador via Canjet. We reserved the bulkhead for the extra legroom. I sat in the aisle seat. Not such a good idea when people are lining up for the washroom. Aisles aren’t wide so at times you feel like you are getting pretty personal with people’s bottom ends. Found that the attendants spend more time socializing with each other than minding what is going on with the passengers. Guess if they are required, there is the call button. So no big deal really.
I despise Canjet.. they have so many seats crammed in to their planes that my knees (I am 6 feet tall) were literally driven into the back of the poor guy ahead of me.. it about killed me when he tried to put his seat back..

Yeah.. I wasn’t happy with them at all. I also agree with the customer service comment about the flight attendants.. some one forgot to mention to them that the word attendant is in their job description..

They are definitely my last choice to fly with. That can make or break the sale of the trip for me.. I always ask who flies the package I am looking at.. if it’s them, I move on.

We had a good flight with CanJet last March, despite a bad engine,
2 hour wait and mixed up seating. The return trip was pretty good. CanJet gave us extra weight for Charity and had attendants who had a reasonable command of English and a very good Newfie attitude,
We’d use this airline again if they can fix the CayoCoco mess from last week… spell apologize.. for heavens sake! We were told the other carriers were worse but I think they are all bad,You get what you pay for!!

Cheap is Awful!!

Flying AC this year, let you know how we make out.

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