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Flight with zoom airlines Ottawa to Montreal then to cartagena was on time. Service was good but the airport time a little long because of picking up people in Montreal. When you get to Cartegena your baggage is check through a machine.

they are 4 restaurant on the roof top it has , a la carte menu bbq on Friday Saturday and Sunday . There is a cafeteria on the ground level where they serve a buffet, sometimes you have a choice of buffet or a la carte excellent food, we never disappointed . There is also a bbq across the street which is called the MARINA PLAZA this restaurant just opens at 7.30 everything is bbq,on Friday and Saturday it is a buffet, live entertainment on Thursday , Friday and Saturdays. The other restaurant is called Gourmet this restaurant is only open for supper it is a sea food restaurant also a la carte but Friday and Saturday it is a seafood buffet this restaurant is closed on Sunday may require reservation depending on the people at the hotel.

4 bars in the cafeteria in the plaza at the pool on the roof that one close at 8.00pm and also the calypso lounge that opens at 6.00pm it has live music on Friday Saturday close on Sunday .the lounge has a revolving floor with a panoramic view of the old and new city.

breakfast standard buffet note this hotel is not a standard all-inclusive it also has customer that pay as you go. The buffet is very standard and become boring real fast if you are all inclusive you can order anything on the menu from filet mignon to shrimps etc.. a la carte had a better choice we never had a bad meal everybody we had talk to said the hotel was recognize for having very good food compared to other hotel. The only place you are restricted a la carte is at the gourmet restaurant. The wine is also included. We were also told that most hotels around us had a lot of restriction on what you could eat.

Over all this is a very hot destination 30c to 35c must say one day it hit 38c the lowest it ever hit was 25c and that is at night at about 11.00pm very humid also.

As for safety we did not feel in any danger very safe to walk the streets at night and during the day in old cartegena and new cartegena . People are very friendly. This is a very clean town they have garbage pick up everyday also the beach is raked every evening.

For the down side of it all was very minor go travel had advertised that the mini bar was included but it was not. Also they said there is a beach club and there is not they do provide chairs and covers at the beach .Over all the worst part are the vendors they bother you almost every were if you don’t want to purchase anything be firm but not insulting and they will go away unfortunately another will come.

Conclusion: Just wanted to tell you also since we were only told in the second week that there is a bus from LAS AMERICAS that is a 5 star hotel that we are permitted to use the facilities very nice resort unfortunately our all inclusive does not work there but it is a very nice place to pass the day we would bring some bags of potato chip and water and also beer in a bag .buses past around every two hours there is no charge for this. We both enjoyed our trip and are confident that you will enjoy it to. For tours we did not take any only a horse and buggy ride witch is 40,000 pesos that is 20.00 dollars American I found it very enjoyable they bring you to visit the old cartegena it is about a 35 minute tour. The taxis are 4,000 pesos to go to the old city 2.00 dollars American.


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