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Flying into Liberia, Costa Rica is the best route to go not only in location to resort but also getting in/out of customs. It was a breeze. Resort is located about an hour from airport. Tamarindo Beach is a small surfer town. April may not be the best month to visit as the heat was almost unbearable. On the up side, no mosquitoes. We were greeted very warmly by the staff. We chose to stay in a bungalow. They are quite large in size, excellent patio areas and although it has an inside bath & shower, we chose to use our outside shower all week. The pool here is really large and resort is located right on beach. Rosa (Tour Desk) is extremely efficient and a nice lady. Four months before visiting we had already scheduled our sport fishing tour since this is prime fishing area. Capulla is who we went through – chartered a 36 ft. Topaz. Caught fish right away – including a big 4 ft long Dorado who put up quite a fight. Staff was very accomodating and filleted the fish and packed on ice. German chef at resort did fabulous job of preparing it for us for dinner. Canopy Tour – we went to the newest one that opened about 30 min. outside town – Cartahena Canopy. I tried to chicken out once we climbed the first tree but the guide said I would regret it and he was certainly right. As we zipped from tree to tree – I never wanted the tour to end. This is a must! High Tide is who we went through for an ATV tour. You’ll want to do this as well to see some of the country side. You end up on a bluff overlooking the whole area. Rigo, the guide, was a real sweet kid.

The resort restaurant serves good food. However we had a difficult time finding lunch options outside the resort that we liked. The day before we left we walked down the dirt road by the hotel, headed back toward town and on the right side of the road is a place with a Taco Stop sign. Wish we’d found it earlier – their tacos (nothing like in US) were fabulous.

This is important – due to the remote location of this town – they don’t have access to malls as we do here in the US. Three months before our trip I shipped 2 large boxes of childrens clothes and toys. The shipping cost was outrageous, it took almost 3 months to get through customs and someone from the resort had to drive a distance to get them. I would encourage any of you who can afford this to please bring a 2nd suit case filled with new items for the kids. The resort staff couldn’t stress how much this was appreciated as the kids have so little there and we are so blessed. Now, go get a pencil and write this down: Jorge Espinoza is the awesome guy they have in reservations. You can’t meet him without liking him immediately. He will go out of his way to make sure all your reservations and transportation are taken care of before you arrive. We took a special gift bag for him filled with different items from our area with logo on it. I also included a box of Lindt Lindor Truffles – white chocolate balls. You can find these in the special candy section in Wal-Mart or possibly your grocery store. Grab as many of those as you can afford to carry on with you (they would melt if you pack in suit case) and take to him. He couldn’t get over how good they were and it would be a nice gesture. When you get back and do your review – please keep this going so he’s stocked with those. Tell everyone the Maldonado’s from Texas send their regards and have a nice trip yourself. Oh! one more thing – we’ve never traveled anywhere else that we felt so safe and the local people were so friendly.

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