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I choose to travel to Cuba because I really like this country and for what I’ve heard this is the place where you can have an unforgettable vacation. No matter where I go, I never book a hotel room up in front. I always do things like that where ever I travel. So I’ve been told that you can always find a hotel rooms in Cuba. When I arrived at the airport, I called a cab and the asked the driver to take to some decent hotel where I can spend a couple of days with my girlfriend. So he took me to Hotel Caribbean. It was not very far from the airport, around 15-20 km so we arrived at the hotel very quickly. The receptionist told me that there is a room with twin size bed and it’s free. I was surprised by his behavior, because he was very polite and he even took our bags to our rooms and he didn’t even ask for a tip, which we gave it to him anyway. At first look, the room seemed like it was enough for two, but by the time we unpacked our bags, we realized that it should have been bigger. But, there was an air conditioner, cable tv, decent balcony so we thought that it is enough for us, because we were not searching for luxury, we only wanted a couple of days outside of the world we know. Then I realized that the air conditioner was barely working. And we arrived in Havana at the beginning of august so it was very hot. Nevertheless, we manage to get through the hot weather. I must say that I was amazed by the employers at this hotel. They were doing everything in their power to make our vacation comfortable. One thing that I really like the most is that, there was a Safe inside in our room. And that’s always positive. I was kind of disappointed by the restaurant and the food they were serving. One thing disappointed me, and that’s the hotel restaurant. They serve only Cuban food, and I have no problems with that, because I can really eat different cuisines, but I think that they should try expanding their daily menu. The hotel bar is more than ok, they serve different variations of cocktails and we tried some of them and they were delightful. One thing that annoyed me is that the beach is not very close to the hotel so we had to walk around 10-20 min to get there. I don’t think that I will suggest this hotel to any of my friends.

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