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Hi everyone,I haven’t had a lot of time to go through previous posts, but it looks like IV has been very popular! However, we have some family and close friends who are american… so we’re trying to accommodate them (although I LOVE Cuba!).We’re open to all countries – the resort must be at least a nice 4 star. Our group size will probably be 18-25 and our date is very up in the air (I want to wait until I finish vet school – he wants to do it sooner!). It will likely be a December wedding. We would like to pick a resort in the next six months or so, as we want to vacation there prior to the "big trip"!If you have any info regarding cost of ceremony (or extras that you opted for), would you please let me know? It’s very hard to create a budget!Thanks!!
Its very hard to narrow down a resort if you don’t have a specific country in mind. You’ll be thrown way too many. Cuba is the easiest and cheapest regarding paperwork, Dominican, there’s a bit more to do but resorts there are great. Jamaica of course is a little more expensive.Of course time of year may also be a factor especially cost wise, you mentioned December, the closer you get to Xmas the more expensive it will get, plus everyone else vacationing at that time as well. Plus depending on whether or not you will have kids in your group.

Way too many factors, you may want to narrow your choices down a bit first before any of us can give you ideas.

Hmm, I guess you’re right. So far I’ve only been looking at Mexico, Dominican, Cuba (but it’s unlikely we will go in Cuba, as we have Americans on the guest list). But I’m open to other countries as well. The only country I’ve personally visited is Cuba.I don’t believe there will be any children in our group.


Hi! I’ve been to Mexico, DR, Bahamas and Cuba. We chose Cuba. It was right for our group. You’ll have to consider your family and friends. Several of our key family members were worried about travel to Mexico, so we respected their concerns. We love Mexico though. You will find it has more rules to follow with regards to getting married. DR is great for the price. My BF was married there and it was lovely. My SIL was married in Costa Rica- she loved it! It didn’t however have the medical facilities nearby that some of the busier resort towns have (a major consideration when we were planning). We specifically chose Varadero for our group as we know there is nightlife and activities to do nearby. If price isn’t an issue, Bahamas or Jamaica are nice choices too. You’ll find many Canadians go for Cuba, Mexico or the DR. Good luck. L

I got married in the D.R, so if you have any questions, I might be able to help you. I did tons and tons of research before picking.

HelloI am getting married in May 2008 at the Iberostar Varadero in Cuba. However, I did go to a wedding last May in the DR. We went to Punta Cana and stayed at the Oceans Sands/Blue golf and beach resort. This resort was GREAT! The wedding was very simple but nice and the weather and resort was great. I think it is classified as a 4 1/2 start resort. The food, staff, pools, and definitely the beach were amazing. Like everyone else has said narrowing down the Location will be more helpful to pick a hotel. Mexico and Jamaica are more expensive and DR and Cuba are cheaper. The most important thing for me was to keep the price down for my guests so friends and family could come with us. That is why we picked Cuba and we fell in love with the IV from reviews and knowing others who have stayed there. Good luck with your search, I would check out Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. I have been to the DR 7 times so i’m quite familiar with the island and the different locations on the island.


Just to make a note, I think you have to have blood tests done to get married in Mexico. Another factor as others have mentioned is nearby attractions and of course resort facilities. I choose the Iberostar Varadero because I know people who have been there and they are still raving about how great it was. That and they can hardly wait to go back for our wedding!Hey ChantelLooks like I run into you on another board! We’ve decided to stay with IBV, Belkis is giving a few chairs and she just emailed me that they will have another hairdresser in January. Cheers!


Hey Brianne!Looks like we are doing are research thoroughly with all these forums. Glad you’ve decided to stay with IBV. Belkis has been responding to my emails very promptly lately and asking me if I have any questions or concerns at this time. Seems like someone had a little talk with her. That is exciting that they will have another hairdresser by January. Thanks for the update! Talk to you later.


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