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I just returned yesterday from my second stay at this hotel and felt that I had to share my experience. Last year I was at this hotel for one week and this year wanted to return for two weeks. While it may not be the typical all-inclusive beach resort that we have come to expect from warm destinations, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. The beach is across the street(not white sand), and the street vendors are a bit overwhelming, but you will quickly learn to deal with them. You won’t find the extensive buffets of food that you may find elsewhere, but you never have a problem finding something that you enjoy to eat. In fact, I found that the buffets had improved since last year and if you can’t find anything you like on the buffet, you are always welcome to order from the menu – anything from a hamburger & fries to a steak or grilled chicken to Italian crepes or canneloni. I found that the service was wonderful – we were treated extremely well by all staff, even the elevator attendents (yes, they still have those in the older part of the hotel). The tour representatives from Gema Tours are amazing; they will help you with any problem you have. If you are looking for something specific, they will even take you wherever you want to go. J.J., our tour guide, will quickly win your heart – he is a walking history book for the city of Cartagena and his pride of the city shows in any tour you are fortunate enough to go on with him. He is well-known at the hotel and around the old city – look for him if you need an excellent guide!

I find it extremely sad that Cartagena is suffering from the reputation that Columbia has been given. It is a beautiful city – the old walled city is fabulous by day or by night and I felt completely safe whereever I went, whether I was with others or o! ut walking alone. If you don’t give this city, and this resort a chance, you are really missing a wonderful experience. Feel free to e-mail for any information.

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