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My family and I are finally going on a Mexican Riviera cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines this August. Has anyone ever gone on this cruise? We wanted to know if there are any shore excursions that are recommended? We were going to book in advance, but thought the better of it as we might want to change our minds & we don’t want to be stuck doing a tour if something else comes up.Also, we are flying in from Vancouver to LAX the night before and wanted to know if there are any hotels that can be recommended either in Long Beach or near the LAX airport. Thanks to all that can give me some info. and if you have any feed back or ideas that I have not touched on please feel free to include those as well.
Hi pebblebeach;Are you doing the 7 or 10 day?First cruise I did was the 10 day Mexican Riv with Princess with 6 ports of call. As for the shore excursions, on the day of arrival, the "Adventures Ashore Manager" gave a 2 hour presentation on all the ports of call and all shore excursions available – then you can purchase your tickets at their Tour Office. If I recall, (this cruise was several years back) the only tours we booked were a glass bottom boat tour in Cabo and a city tour and the cliff divers in Mazatlan. We soon found out that you could find your own tour once in port for a fraction of the cost they were charging on board. Therefore, at all other ports we grabbed a taxi and ventured out on our own.As far as hotels, we stayed at the Ramada Renaissance Hotel located at the airport, but check this site for more choices:

Loved the cruise, we had a blast. Be prepared for hot & humid weather! Also, everyone jacks up their prices when the cruise ships are in, so you may or may not get any "deals" – LOL. Oh, one more thing, pack some loose fitting clothes………we, er, gained a few pounds cuz the food was soooooooo good!

Enjoy…………the Pacific side of Mexico is absolutely beautiful and the sunsets are beyond breathtaking!!!!

Hi ratherbeonabeach,We are going on the 7 Day cruise, a 10 Day would have been nicer, but there weren’t any for the time frame we were looking at.We were going to do our excursions thru the cruise line, but we may just wait until the day we get on shore. There are pro’s & con’s though to doing it on your own from what we have been told. I’ve been advised on a few great tours, so I am really looking forward to our cruise.Thanks for the web-site in regards to airport hotels, we are probably going to go with Embassy Suites North. I have read a lot of really good reviews on that hotel. They offer a free breakfast and Manager’s Reception, and the rooms seem to be really nice.

Thanks for your feed back! ;D

Sorry I am so late that it won’t help you. Could have given you both answers. Hope you found a nice place near LAX. We stayed at SU CASA in Venice Beach and loved it. Great place(brand new), nice people and centrally located. We walked almost everywhere we wanted to go. By the way its right on the beach.

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