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Though hurricane Ivan has dealt a devastating blow to the beautiful island of Grenada, the reconstruction process is already well underway. It will be extensive and expensive. Communication remains difficult for many and impossible for others, but it is improving. Island transportation is resuming and aid is arriving daily. Airline flights are restricted and confirmation of flights is advised. Power is being restored slowly with the help of technicians from neighboring island countries. As the gateway to the Grenadines, Grenada is a country actually made up of three islands including itself, Carriacou and Petitite Martinique which are located just north of Grenada. Remarkably, theses sister islands suffered little to no damage in the storm and there is a newly formed initiative underway to inform the traveler of their continued status as a beautiful and desirable vacation destination including updates of their ongoing and future development. It is essential for the tri-island-state that this information is forwarded abroad to maintain and enhance the status of Carriacou and Petite Martinique as viable travel destinations. Carriacou, known as ‘The island surrounded by reefs’ is the biggest island of The Grenadines and its enchanting beauty and relaxed lifestyle did lead to its international reputation to be among the friendliest, safest and most beautiful islands in The Caribbean: Miles of empty white sand beaches, deep aqua bays, spectacular mountain views of surrounding Caribbean islands, unspoiled nature trails, gorgeous reefs and safe anchoring harbors attract people from all over the world. For the culture enthusiast is and outstanding feature of Carriacou the still very active traditional boat-building located in the village of Windward. The ion of accommodations and restaurants provides something to fit everyone’s taste and budget. Flight connections to Carriacou are available from Tobago, Barbados, St. Lucia and St. Vincent, even via Martinique, all of which are being enhanced constantly. Petite Martinique with its 586 acres is small in comparison to Carriacou. The residents of this thriving little island live by boat-building, fishing and seafaring. Visitors have no problem reaching this gem of the traditional Caribbean island by inter-island ferry or water-taxi via Carriacou. Although small Petite Martinique offers all conveniences like guesthouses, restaurants, etc. for an enjoyable visit and a chance to really unwind. We invite and encourage visitors to our islands – and guarantee you won’t be disappointed! On the link below, from a small hotel on the beach of Carriacou, you will find a lot more info about Carriacou.


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Hi,I have a neice who wants to travel to Grenada for university christmas break for volunteer experience with the ministry for the social welfare. Does anyone know if there is a flight (cheap and not too long) she can take…Thanks,


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