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I have a small family business and after a year of hard work I decided to take my family on a vacation. I choose to travel to Cuba and because we don’t travel a lot, I wanted to stay in a decent hotel. I was told that hotel Casa Granda has a lot to offer to his visitors. Now I know that choosing this hotel was not a mistake. Since I entered our room, I was amazed with the size of it. It has a space and what’s more important it is clean. And hygiene is always important for me, no matter where I go or where I stay. The beds in our room where big enough so we had no troubles with space while we sleep. There is a telephone next to the bed, and you can make international calls if you need someone to call right away. The TV is set right in front of the bed so you can watch TV anytime you want, and what’s more important its satellite TV with various channels from around the world so you can watch everything you like anytime. Unlike other hotels, this one has an air conditioner and it is working really good. That way you will keep decent temperature in your room. The balcony is big enough for the whole family and it has a wonderful view. You can see the park outside the hotel, or you can watch the sundown, or sunrise, whichever you prefer. One thing that really annoyed me, it’s the internet connectivity. It’s free, but is available only for 30 minutes per day. If you want or if you need more than 30 minutes, you will have to pay an additional fee. The very important thing is that every room contains a minibar. The minibar is full with bottles of rum (which is the most famous Cuban drink). I was really amazed by the way they are organizing the meal menu. It contains different kinds of food, and you have a glass of wine with every meal, except for the children. They have a glass of soda with every meal. The hotel bar is really a good place if you want to have a taste of some their best cocktails. Sometimes they organize a Cuban night party and it’s really great. Another thing that’s great for this hotel is the room service and their professional staff. They are simply great. I will certainly visit this hotel again, and I would gladly suggest to any of my friends to do that.

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