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I was looking to spend some quality time with my wife somewhere in the Caribbean. We both agreed that we want to go to Cuba, and all we needed was a small, comfortable hotel where we can spend some time together. Then I found out about Casa Verde. When I saw this hotel for the first time, I was afraid that it’s too small, because I’m claustrophobic. But when I saw our room, I was surprised. The interior was absolutely amazing. Everything was just like we wanted, small but comfortable. The room had twin size bed which was fantastic. Every time you lie down on that bed you will have a nice and relaxing sleep. The phone was next to to the bed, but we never used it so I don’t really know if it has international calls available or not. However, the balcony is very good and if you want to have some fresh air you can just sit there and relax. The bathroom was really neat and clean. Whenever you want to get a shower, you can do it because there is hot water through the whole day. Also, if it’s very warm day, you can always rely on the air conditioner. It works just fine, and just in a couple of minutes your room will be cool. Besides air conditioner, the room contains satellite TV, and you can watch anything you like anytime. What’s really interesting the room has private safety deposit box, and that’s always important when it comes to safety. We didn’t arrive with a car, but I noticed that this hotel has private parking for visitors who travel with a car. It also has laundry so if you stay for a longer period you can wash your clothes. I was amazed by the work of the staff employed in this hotel. They were excellent in every way. What really bothered me was that the restaurant and the bar were across the street and you have to go there for every meal. Nevertheless, they are really beautiful and they serve really good food. In the future, I will recommend this hotel to any of my friends.

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