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We stayed at the Catalonia Yucatan in late Jan. 2011. I posted a review which you can find at this link:- the choice, I would go to the Esmeralda before opting to return to the Catalonia Yucatan. We found the beach at Catalonia to be small and crowded. The palapas were packed close together which afforded little privacy. The Yucatan section of the resort features a bar near the pool which is open until well past midnight and given the horseshoe shape of the Yucatan, noise from the bar echoes. If you like to be the one to close the bars then you’ll have no problems but we needed to use earplugs to sleep.

Food was decent enough and we didn’t find the selection limiting. We much preferred the buffet on the Yucatan side although you have access to the buffet on the Riviera Maya side as well. When the resort is below a certain % capacity, only one buffet is open and it’s usually the one on the Riviera side. A la cartes were good to excellent and the only issue here was the first come, first served lengthy line-ups to get in. This has changed back to a reservation system so waits of over an hour for the a la cartes should no longer be a problem.

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