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This Just In…. Zoom Ceases OperationsZoom Airlines has ceased operations eff. 1800 hrs UTC 28AUG08. The airline has sent an announcement advising customers to make alternate arrangements. All flights scheduled for departure have been cancelled and Zoom’s aircraft have been grounded.British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are apparently offering special fares to assist Zoom customers that have been affected by the suspension of Zoom’s services.Both Zoom Airlines Inc and Zoom Airlines Ltd, the Canadian and U.K. airlines, are filing for insolvency proceedings in their home countries today.


[glow=red,2,300]THAT BITES[/glow]

It’s always something isn’t it?

I hope most people in the case of Zoom had travel insurance, but if they are like me they go with the philosophy come hell or high water I am going on my trip…but if you dont have the plane to get there??DANG,


The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.As a consumer…what are we the travel people of the world suppose to do about this? They have us all by the short strings.As for EE’s of the industry…ughhh that makes my stomach roll. Not like you can "feel" job security in any airline these days!


Is there such a thing as job security in any workplace, let alone an airline? Sorry for both the workers and the travellers… also the airports and ground services who would likely have gotten stiffed by Zoom today.

not surprised, after one trip with GTD, I think it’s just another company that "slightly misleads consumers gone. I feel bad for the emplotees but not for the company.
Maybe if they ever come back, they will start telling their customers the straight goods

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