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Cayman Islands – Readers Travel Tips

Boscov’s Travelcenter
I visited Grand Cayman in June of 2000 for 7 days. We stayed at the Regal Beach Condos, and absolutely loved it there. It is very spacious with a large kitchen, table and chairs, living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a screened in patio. The restaurants in Grand Cayman are wonderful! The ones I would recommend are the Grand Old House, Hooks (at the Treasure Island Resort), Almond Tree and my favorite, The Wharf. Most restaurants are located overlooking the ocean and the food was fantastic, but expensive. Seven Mile beach is gorgeous, we enjoyed walking along the beach at night, and going past all the hotels. Their isn’t much to do at night, things really quiet down. A big attraction at the restaurants, is to feed the tarpon.

If I could recommend one thing to do, please visit Stingray City. The tour left right from our hotel. We took a boat out to a sandbar in the middle of the ocean, and the water was as clear as a pool bottom. Their are stingrays all around and the instructors feed them so they come very close to you. Infact they rub up against you, they are so tame and friendly. Definitley take an underwater camera, I got some awesome pictures of the stingrays, and framed quite a few! As a certified diver, my boyfriend & I also dove at Stingray City and really got to interact with the rays. I even got a sucker bite from one-ouch! Their was even a videographer down with us, who videotaped everything. We bought the video, and were pleasantly surprised that we were on most of it!

Another day trip I enjoyed was the day we rented a jeep and went all over the island. The roads are pretty empty and we drove past some beautiful beaches and homes. We stopped at the Blow holes, went to Hell ( pretty boring, just dead coral that is black) and we went to the Turtle farm. This was pretty neat, they had turtles that were the size of your pinkie, and some bigger then an adult person!

I would definitley go back to Grand Cayman, it is very gorgeous, safe and clean!! For scuba divers, you can’t get any better then this!

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