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Out first trip to Cuba was to Cayo Coco over 15 years ago and we haven’t been back since 2001. Thinking I’d like to go back again. However snorkelling has become a big part of our vacations. Is there anywhere we could snorkel from the beach and see anything other than sand?

There used to be some so-so snorkelling off the original beach. When I stayed at El Senador I found fish to look at, and my sister told me there was a bit of reef in front of Tryp as well. I believe one of the other beaches that has been developed also has some off the beach opportunities. Hopefully someone will chime in here and tell us!

The last time we were there they had a glass bottomed boat that would pick you up right in front of the hotel and take you a little ways out and you could snorkel right off the boat, they would park it right off some coral. Also there is a dive boat just up the road, I don’t know if it’s just scuba diving but I suspect they also cater to snorkelers. The first and last time I ever scuba dove was on that boat and the reef was about 20 feet below us, I only spent a few seconds down there but from what I remember it looked pretty good

Thanks. I remember seeing that glass bottomed boat. However, we like to snorkel 2 or 3 times a day for at least an hour or so each time so we’re definitely looking for snorkelling from shore.

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