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Hotel Cayo Levisa, not luxury, but calm and friendly. Stayed there for 14 days. We have been to Cuba many times sins 2004, and have witnessed some changes in Cuba. Some places are not authentic Cuba anymore, but this is. Nature and beach is so unspoiled as possible when there are a hotel there. Maybe there should be more shadow on the beach ( have you started building new ones, Orlando?), for us white Europeans, but there is sunbeds and space enough for everyone. Rooms of different types, we had a room in second floor, and it was great, fairly clean, hot water and pressure enough. Bed OK, but best sleep with open windows instead of AC. We had extra mosquito net with us, and that was the best solution for us. Service was good, but some different in the two weeks we stayed there. The staff lives on the island the week they works. They changes staff once a week. The first staff was overwhelming friendly, and gave excellent service. I always found hot water in the restaurant for a cup of tea in the morning. Even before opening the restaurant. The second shift came through after some days. OK, opening time is opening time, but the first shift spoiled me. The quiet morning outside the restaurant overlooking the beach was heaven. Black tee, book and cigar and the relaxing day has started. Food was ok, sometimes even tasty. I always found something to eat, and unhappily I did not lose weight. Always fried eggs or tasty omelette for breakfast. Meat or fish for lunch and dinner, friendly cooks made food and jokes every day. I even think they sometimes baked bread early in the morning. Good cakes. The staff did make a great Christmas and New Year’s celebration for us at the beach. With great food and music. Drinks ok, but can be strong. Inhabitant: Hootio, a real Cuban animal from before civilisation. They are really beautiful. Price: Worth it. Things to do: Sun tanning, swimming, reading, snorkelling, diving, walking about three kilometres of white beaches, fishing from the beach, with one word, relaxing. Negatives: Generator sound in parts of the area. Water when it has been turned off fore for parts of night. Rusty pipes. Do I recommend others to go there? No, stay away. I want this paradise for myself. We will absolutely go back.

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