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I was wondering if there was or how to find a map of the beach that shows the resorts on it. A co-worker is going around the same time and would like to know where the resort is compared to where we are staying.

Thankyou this is a big help, now I can see where my co worker is staying so when we go for a walk we can get a refill for the walk back

GASP! Hard to believe that in just a few short years this cayo has gone from being a 4-hotel quiet destination to this. WOW, unbelievable, this surely changes the oceanfront, wot?

When and where are u going, ald1? Our last visit to CSTM was to the MeliaCSTM during a rather cool January week in 2007.

I expect that there will be an airport in the future – then it will be the good old days of only a dozen resorts. I find the 90 min ride not a big deal but my wife voted to go elsewhere because of it. Guess who won?

In reality, each resort is so large that they are a town unto themselves so you don’t view the Cayo as being wall to wall resorts like Veradero. They are much like Mayan Riviera in that you don’t see the other resorts unless you are on the tower at the Pueblo or viewing a map.

Good to know, dax.
Yeah, several of our friends refuse to go the CSTM because of the 90min ride. I found it refreshing, but then again, MOI has a bladder that can hold more than one brewsky. Just sayin’…
CSM is becoming the new Varadero. Not that much longer on the bus either considering VRA isn’t as quick as Santa Clara?. We will take advantage of our little Isle until the rush comes there. Maybe after Jibacoa and Holguin are full. LOL

Or Vagabond finds us a new place?

I think a few hotels closed during low season. I was at Melia Cayo Santa Maria in December 4 years ago and took a walk to the Sol . Only 2-3 people sunbath at the pool hardly see any tourists . I guessed between 50-70 people in the resort

I hear most folks at the Sol don’t use the pool but wander to the West,
Sol was almost a ghost town when we were there exactly a year ago. There were renovations in progress when we walked through. Some of the units were in dire condition by the look of it.

I kept walking along the beach by the au natural section and saw no one. Maybe that’s when my wife kept telling me she saw whales jumping in the ocean.

The is chatter of a new road being built soon that will take off 1/2 hour from the ride to Santa Maria. Chatter as well about the golf course out there. Cuba time…lolI have been @ Cayo Ensenachos for the last few years and I do love it being the only resort.Not sure if they could turn Las Brulas into International airport or not…might not have the room required. Would be great.

The ride is a nice one in the day light but in the night can seem longer. I don’t really care because I know what awaits a the end of the journey.

Santa Maria is building up quickly so they will have to do something soon. There are loads of people that will not go to this area because of the bus ride. Having said that if they keep the prices as cheap for some of them as they have been, people will be had pressed not to just suck up that long ride to get the deal.

Have not ventured to Santa Maria yet because I love Ensenachos so much. The new Royalton is getting some great review. Best I have read for a new resort. Someone one is doing something right, very little growing pain reviews. Might be the competition with Melia Buenavista keeping things right..

"The is chatter of a new road being built soon that will take off 1/2 hour from the ride to Santa Maria".

We just returned from the Cayos 2 days ago. There is a newly paved road that is not in use yet, that appears to by-pass all of Remedios. This will certainly be a faster route for the buses, safer, and less-disruptive for the residents of Remedios, but sadly, less interesting for those on their first trip to this area – and who may never leave their resort for an excursion to the mainland during their stay.

Agree Crabby, We just got back as well. Our bus guide was ticked off that we missed Remedios on the way back. It was her first presentation and it was her time to shine with some historical info. about the town. Not all of us need to get to the "All Inclusive Resort" A.S.A.P.! For most of the Visitors to Cayo Santa Maria, they will not see any thing else but their Resort! Which is fine.I asked some cab drivers if there would ever be a new airport built on the Cayo . They did not thing the Structure of the ground could handle the big planes.We shall See!
deebob…are you saying that the new road is now open or am I reading things wrong. If so how long did the ride take coming I thnk we pm on TA.

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